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Captivating people across the world through his excellence in photography is Gabriel Maia



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His handle on Instagram, called Rosyimages, shows his flawless work with his daughter as an incredible photographer.

Many different industries of the world have shown growth in one way or the other, either through the many revolutions, it has become witness to or through the number of talented people, changing the face of the industry. Photography is an industry, which has although seen many advances with professional cameras and technologies, still is quite underrated and yet have to see exponential growth in the industry. However, it is also an industry which has given rise to the best photographers of the world, who compel people to look at objects, places and individuals through their artistic eyes. It is the creative thought process, that makes a photographer stand out amongst the rest in the industry and Gabriel Maia from Brazil tops the list of such highly talented photographers.

At a very naive age, Maia had realized his purpose in life and this realization took him towards photography as he passionately felt for the art. At 17, he purchased his first advanced camera in the form of Olympus OM-2. He shot various football games as well as captured the many national parks and images of nature. Yet, his most favourite shoot location remained the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

Seeing the advancement in the photography world with digital cameras, Maia made use of Cannon and Fuji brands to further develop his skills in the industry. After seeing their father gradually racing ahead many in the field, Bruno and Rosiane his children too showed keen interest in learning photography. The journey of Rosiane began in the field with her becoming a model for her father. With her high observation skills, she learnt the art of posing in front of the camera from various other models. And, on the other hand, she honed her skills in photography under the guidance of her father.

Maia learnt about the Photo Vogue Italia curated portfolios in the early 2000s. To get approved by the Vogue Italia editors, both Maia and Rosiane planned photoshoots and curated a photo expedition in Indonesia. On that trip alone, they shot innumerable images. Their hard work started showing fruits when their images got approved and got a place at the Photo Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce.

Talking about his Instagram handle “Rosyimages” (, Maia gives an insight to people about his prowess as a photographer as well as all his exquisite and authentic work along with his daughter. This professional relation has solidified the bond and the personal relationship of the father-daughter. His expertise includes capturing fashion images, city portraits, landscape photography and scenic beauty of the world.

Maia says that a studio can hardly match up with the beauty of the natural environment and throughout his career, even his most appreciated and cherished pictures are of nature and city portraits

Maddison Brown is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing quality articles on vrious niches, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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