Casino Mel’s Collaborate with Elite Producers On New Single (Ain’t Playing)

Casino Mel

North Carolina’s ‘finest’ MC Casino Mel is set to premiere a new single, “Ain’t Playing,” on June 15th, 2020. The Five Star Empire artist is glad to announce the release of his track, “Ain’t Playing,” produced by hitmakers No Rules and Beatsbymo.

If you have listened to Mel’s previous songs, you will know his next release is something to look forward to. Casino Mel is a gifted artist and songwriter who raises the bar with everything he does. That’s why the buzz around him is so high. This is evident in the last rap/hip-hop single that he dropped, “Had Enough” on May 19th, 2020.

Even though the song is barely a month old in the market, it already enjoys over 50,000 streams on Spotify. A real picture of how great a track it is. The number may increase, as more and more people familiarize themselves with the song. He already put out an official video for Had Enough, which is available on his YouTube Page, with over 12,000 views. Fans can check out the full version of the song on Spotify, Amazon, and other platforms.

Since releasing his fourth studio album, “Trap Religiously,” last year, Casino Mel hasn’t taken a break. Still working tirelessly at what he loves most, rapping, releasing more hits, and hip-hop fans can’t wait to know what else he has in store for them.

Popular Releases and Features

Casino Mel has numerous other tracks that are also popular with thousands of steams, all of which are available for streaming and download on major music platforms. He has also collaborated with many other artists to produce timeless hits.

  1. Body (feat Lol Boosie & Keebo)
    It is one of Mel’s best selling songs and has over 320,000 streams, an indicator of how popular it is with listeners.
  2. Trap Nigga (feat Gucci Mane)
    Any time you mention Mel’s name, the first track that comes to mind is “Trap Nigga,” when he joined forces with rap icon Gucci Mane to give us a classic. The single has over 165,000 streams on Spotify. They also dropped a remix of the song.
  3. Anybody (feat MoneyBagg yo)
    With 76,149 streams and counting, MoneyBagg yo and Mel’s “Anybody” is a must-listen-to song.

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