Chef Adam Schihab introduces Bi-color croissant at Vanille Restaurant

Chef Adam Schihab introduces Bi color croissant at Vanille Restaurant

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Taking Croissant to Another Level

Inventiveness rests in thinking up new ideas and finding different ways. Similarly, a chef has always needed to be innovative and creative to make delicious recipes and lip-smacking desserts. Such a competent chef is famously known as Adam Schihab of Maldives. He is a renowned chef known for his new Mediterranean recipes, bakery items, and pastries. He is not a professional culinary chef but also a collaborator of various food brands, catering companies, and beverage groups. He has often been named a food innovator who goes away with all the traditional ways of cooking and baking and creates plenty of exquisite dishes. That is why if you have not eaten the bi-color croissant, then you have experienced the pure pleasure of croissant.

From the pleasure planet, with delicious taste and innovative baking skills, Chef Adam Schihab introduces another masterclass of bakery item, that is “Bi-Color Croissant.” But it is not the only innovation that he brought to his menu; Chef Adam also presents brasserie with bakery and commissary. Such an excellent introduction of mouthwatering recipes has made Chef Adam’s menu one of the most favorite and eye-catching in the restaurant industry. The menu comprises various options of dessert courses. Moreover, customers could also choose the doneness and sugar level in their desired desserts, such as rare-sweet, medium-sweet, or sweet.

The new addition of bi-color croissants in the Vanille Restaurant has proven to be very successive for the chef and the restaurant. Since the opening of the Vanille Restaurant in Al Khobar, Chef Adam Schihab and his team workers have won the hearts of the locals with his flavorful and delicious dishes, and now, when it comes to the croissant, nothing is different. Among people and customers of the restaurant, the bi-color croissant has become the focus of the conversation. Its sweetness, texture, shape, decoration, and taste, thus every element of the croissant is a core factor. The bi-color croissant is filled with strawberry jam and baked with mascarpone

cheese, making each person lick the fingers. The classic French croissant with the innovation of strawberry jam and mascarpone cheese has created a fantastic reputation for the restaurant. For these tasty croissants, customers keep waiting to fill their mouths full of nutritious delight. These croissants are only different from the classical French croissants; they have beautiful contrasting

colors such as the red and white combination of strawberry jam and mascarpone cheese make it a dazzling product. The chef has become an inevitable personality, and one could know more about Adam here.

In his vast cooking experience of 23 years, the successful patissier Adam Schihab has achieved a milestone by introducing several innovative recipes like Tenderloin Filet-Mignon, French macaroons, gluten-free bread, and now the bi-color croissant. Although he joined the Vanille Restaurant in 2015, however, with his endless expertise, Chef Adam made his name remembered to the locals in this short period. By providing a vast range of great recipes and pastries, he has made a rapid growth to his experience and the restaurant. As an entrepreneur, he also made remarkable contributions as he influences plenty of people to become successful and skillful chefs or bakers. People who love to eat bakery items can follow Chef Adam on his Instagram @adamschihab.