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Coast Guard Day 2020: History and Significance of the day



U.S. Coast Guard Day

Coast Guard Day or U.S. Coast Guard Day is celebrated every year on 4 August to remember the foundation of the United States Coast Guard and to perceive the efforts of the United States Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Day is an internal event celebration for active and reserve Coast Guard individuals, their non-military personnel workers, retirees, and individuals from the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Coast Guard likewise takes part in Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day.

Coast Guard Day 2020

Coast Guard Day is otherwise called USCG Day or C.G. Day. Coast Guard Day 2020 is seen on 4th August. The Coast Guard Day is commended to respect the foundation of the Revenue Cutter Service in 1970, which is the ancestor of the current Coast Guard. The day is praised to honor the courageous work of the service individuals from the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Day History

The United States Coast Guard is much older as it was set up on 4th August 1790. It was set up by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Prior it was known as the Revenue Marine. Hamilton approved the construction of 10 vessels that are known as Revenue Service cutters, which were proposed to uphold the earliest United States tariff laws. Afterward, President Woodrow Wilson signed an act of Congress into law that consolidated the Revenue Marine with another agency known as the United States Life-Saving Service. The aim was to have a single entity answerable for maritime law requirements and life-saving.

After this merger, it was initiated as the United States Coast Guard in the year 1915. This was done was before the appearance of PCs, Global Positioning System (GPS), or other electronic navigation helps. One of the numerous duties of the U.S. Coast Guard was the support of America’s navigation helps, for example, the activity of lighthouses along the coasts.

In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress moved the activities of the United States Lighthouse Service to Coast Guard authority. Afterward, the Department of Commerce Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation was moved to the sponsorship of the Coast Guard. This gave the US Coast Guard the authority of shipper marine tasks. The US Coast Guard was then moved to the recently formed Department of Transportation effective 1st April 1967. After the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001, the U.S. Coast Guard was moved to the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2003.

What is the role of the U.S. Coast Guard?

The United States Coast Guard is one of the 5 US Armed Forces. It is one of a kind branch of the military. It serves under the motto “Semper Paratus”, in Latin signifying “Always Ready”. More than 42,000 people are effectively serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. It is responsible for an array of maritime duties including:

  • guaranteeing safe and legal commerce to perform salvage missions in serious conditions
  • defending America’s borders and ensure the maritime environment

The mission the U.S. Coast Gaurd include:

  • Aids to Navigation
  • Defense Readiness
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Ice Operations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Living Marine Resources
  • Marine Environmental Protection
  • Marine Safety
  • Migrant Interdiction
  • Port & Waterway Security
  • Search & Rescue

What are the US Coast Guard cities?

The formally assigned Coast Guard Cities are:

  • Alameda, California
  • Astoria, Oregon
  • Camden County, Georgia
  • Cape May, New Jersey
  • Carteret County, North Carolina
  • Clearwater, Florida
  • Elizabeth City, North Carolina
  • Eureka, California
  • Florence, Oregon
  • Grand Haven, Michigan
  • Hull, Massachusetts
  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Kodiak, Alaska
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • New London, Connecticut
  • New York, New York
  • Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • Newport, Oregon
  • Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Rockland, Maine
  • San Diego, California
  • Sitka, Alaska
  • Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • Traverse City, Michigan
  • Wilmington, North Carolina

How is the Coast Guard Day celebrated?

The Coast Guard Day is essentially an internal action for active duty and holds Coast Guardsmen, non-military personnel representatives, retirees, auxiliaries, and wards. Additionally, the Coast Guard Day holds a significant share of interest outside the service. U.S. Coast Guard units.

  • On the Coast Guard Day, the United States generally arrangement picnics and casual sports competitions along with loved ones
  • Coast Guard Day is praised each year in America
  • The U.S. Coast Guardsmen take an interest in Armed Forces Day activities which are led on the day.
  • Grand Haven, Michigan, additionally referred to by the act of Congress as Coast Guard City, USA, sponsors the Coast Guard Festival on 4th August annually.

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