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Cumulative downloads exceeded 1 billion times– Heynext’s innovative methodology creates a Hyper-Casual new era



Cumulative downloads exceeded 1 billion times Heynext’s innovative methodology creates a Hyper Casual new era

Apia, Samoa – Featuring low learning cost, wide audience, novel and changeable ways of playing, Hyper-Casual mobile games show a long-term strong growth trend in the global mobile game market in terms of downloads. According to 2022 Hyper-Casual Mobile Games Market Insight released by the well-known data platform Sensor Tower, Hyper-Casual games have become the most downloaded mobile games in the world for four consecutive years since 2019. In the first eight months of 2022 alone, the number of Hyper-Casual downloads has reached 8.73 billion worldwide , accounting for 30% of the total mobile games downloads worldwide, and the cumulative domestic purchase revenue is even approaching 160 million US dollars.

Recently, Heynext also announced that the cumulative downloads of its games have exceeded 1 billion times. It shows that Heynext has officially entered the heading enterprises of games release with its success of a number of Hyper-Casual games.

Still 1 billion downloads in Hyper-Casual Era II, aggregating more categories becomes Heynext’s ACE

With the sudden rise of Hyper-Casual, more and more users participate in it. According to Sensor Tower’s research, Hyper-Casual games perform better in terms of participation indicators, and more users are more willing to recharge and contribute more time in Hyper-Casual. As a result, more and more game publishers start to join the Hyper-Casual domain. From this level, the Hyper-Casual Era II is also beginning.

In Hyper-Casual Era II, the increasing number of participants makes the Hyper-Casual market full of uncertainty, and the pressure of competition follows. How to maintain strong growth momentum has become a core issue for more game publishers. As a fast-growing global interactive entertainment game company with boutique game development as the core, Heynext quickly undertakes entertainment needs of more users by aggregating categories and constantly bringing forth new powerful capabilities. Based on a deep insight into the market and the actual needs of users of different ages, Heynext has expanded hundreds of game categories including Hyper-Casual games, Educational games and Sports games covering different types including role play, SIM, war strategy, and casual competition.

Heynext, which fits more age groups in the game category, brings more rich and diverse choices for more users. Through the strong marketing ability of Hyper-Casual games and the deep participation experience of mixed casual games, Heynext has achieved two indicators of fast game intelligence planting and enhanced user retention with different emphasis, resulting in more revenue from game distribution and high-burst downloads. At present, Heynext’s business scope has spread to Greater China, and expanded to North America, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. Now it has more than 100 million players around the world.

Heynext takes three measures together to construct the rule of Hyper-Casual Blockbuster release

Heynext has made itself an integrated online game developer and operator with positions of  creative planning, art design, technology research and development, product development, global game promotion and operation and maintenance. It has also constructed a methodology for the release of Hyper-Casual Blockbuster.

With “BIG IP” as the basis for creation, users’ needs as the core, Heynext is more dynamic in creative inspiration. With the assistance of online and offline coordination operation strategy, multi-scene social entertainment can also be reached by Heynext, which means that games released by Heynext will be seen by users more quickly at promotion.

At the same time, Heynext has more than a thousand employees, including many seasoned game R&D professionals at home and abroad who have rich product R&D and practical experience. Under the cooperation of many R&D personnel, they always maintain multiple R&D lines, continue to develop efficiently and ensure the quality of R&D, so that Heynext has the core competence to release new games quickly. This has also become an important factor for Heynext to rapidly increase the market share of Hyper-Casual game domain.

Besides, Heynext is also willing to work with excellent Internet traffic platforms so as to combine creativity with data and show product power. There will be more users to choose Heynext’s products with art and entertainment.

Driven by creativity, innovation and operational cooperation, a number of games released by Heynext are highly recognized by users. It has gradually grown into a world-famous global game distribution company with the most potential. With the continuous increase of its awareness, Heynext has quickly built a strong brand influence, while relying on the brand ability to complete the value transformation. For the development path of Heynext, at present, it is definitely the largest casual game development operator in Southeast Asia.

In the face of the rising Hyper-Casual market, unlike other game publishers who are newly integrated, Heynext does not covet the “pie” excessively, but relies on its own steady long-term spirit to build a longer-term vitality. Heynext, which has already copied a set of game distribution system with higher success rate through mature methodology, will quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the international game market. 

Company: Heynext Software INC

Contact Person: leo li

Email: [email protected] 


Telephone: +852 92997723

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