DJ Yemi has the Power to Energize Any Show

DJ Yemi 2

West Virginia based DJ Yemi has shared the stage with acts like Outkast, Travis Scott, MGK, Big Sean, Lil Dickey, and Snoop Dogg among others. He has had the opportunity to DJ in nightclubs all across West Virginia, as well as make some guest appearances in other clubs across the country.

What separates DJ Yemi from other people in his same profession is his ability to span a wide range of genres. From Rock all the way to Country, DJ Yemi can do it all. His versatile range of music has allowed him to perform in many different settings and in front of many different fans.

DJ Yemi’s journey is heavily inspired by the great Afrojack. When we asked Yemi about how Afrojack influenced his career he said, “Looking at his growth and the venues he played made me realize you can turn DJing into a career.”

Another trait that makes Yemi’s performances special is his energy he brings to each show. Yemi said, “I have done shows with 20K people and 100 people and both of them are exactly the same! Not one is bigger than the other. I will always try and make everyone feel like it’s a party! No matter the size!”

DJ Yemi has already had an impressive career in his short time as a DJ. He has big plans to play in even more venues, reaching a larger number of fans. 

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By Maddison Brown

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