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Does becoming a singer require talent?



Mohammad Saeid Moala a professional kickboxing coach and famous Iranian beat maker

Mohammad Saeid Moala, a professional kickboxing coach and famous Iranian beatmaker, was born in Ahvaz.

 Mohammad’s main activity is sports and music coaching, Mohammad’s experience in coaching is 12 years, he won many championships and Mohammad had more than 3000 students. Mohammad Saeed Moala works in various sports such as MMA, kickboxing, fitness, self defense, and massage. Mohammad Saeed Moala had a strong interest in producing instrumental music since he was 17 years old, and he followed music since he was 17 years old. Mohammad Saeed has a bachelor’s degree in law. Mohammad Saeed has repeatedly added in his interviews that practice and effort are the main basis of success.

Mohammad Saeid Moala

Muhammad says: A good voice can be taught; And just as it is taught to achieve a trained body in sports clubs, the larynx and voice system of every human being can be trained and brought to a level where he can sing and others enjoy hearing his voice;

Some are born with a better voice and learn faster, but eventually anyone can learn and with enough practice, achieve a good voice.

There is evidence that tells us that if you use really good technique, you can sing well unless there is a severe limitation in your vocal structure.

Half of the musical talent may come from nature, and at the same time, many other factors are also effective in developing a person’s voice, and for example, playing instruments such as piano and violin from childhood or youth can help a person learn to sing better. It helps a lot.

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