Dominique J Portis – From Liver Failure To ROI Producer

The liver is responsible for many of the body’s most important functions from the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, glycogen storage, bile production, and several others. Making it a vital organ of the human body. No liver, no life.

American entrepreneur, owner of successful 13 person agency DJ8P Social Media Marketing, consultant and Youtuber, Dominique J Portis, from Bremerton in WA heard horrific news on February 4th 2020 that her liver had failed.

After having flu-like symptoms back in February, the doctors figured she may be one of the first COVID-19 patients in the US. Thus being a possibility, she was given a non trialed medicine,  a medicine that caused her liver failure.

It’s a shocking story, but good has come of it. Since then, Dominique (known as Dominique J Portis) has gone through the trenches with her health, severe stomach issues on and off like a light switch, yet used the recovery time as an opportunity to reopen her marketing agency DJ8P Social Media Marketing.

Within 3 months Dominique’s agency has amassed a team of 13 highly trained specialists with $65,000 invested, creating a full service based agency for those looking to start up an online business or those currently in online business. Offering Instagram growth, Tiktok growth, Facebook ads & Lead Generation services, this industry leading agency has clientele queuing for their slice of the ROI pie.

Alongside this, Dominique has used the recovery period as an opportunity to begin uploading on  Youtube, sharing valuable tips, tricks and social media strategies to generate more business.

Sharing her story via social media, personal success, and clients ROI, this sparked the question from her audience as to whether she would consider 1-1 coaching, considered she did, and opened up slots. This has gone down a treat with her audience, having applicants lining up for her guidance.

From liver failure to ROI producer, we look forward to continuing to follow Dominique’s impactful journey, we thank Dominique for such personal details, and can truthfully say any business owner fortunate enough to step into the path of Dominique and DJ8P Social Media Marketing can be sure of success.

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