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Dr. Amir Hashemloo Shares Practical Values That Will Help You Grow As An Entrepreneur



Dr. Amir Hashemloo Shares Practical Values That Will Help You Grow As An Entrepreneur

Dr. Amir Hashemloo is a well-known cosmetic surgeon, who is most famous for his custom-method of correcting the eye and eyebrow frame. Born and raised in Tehran Iran, he has worked with some of the biggest celebrities and football stars from the Middle East and beyond. He has a set of values that he constantly employs in his work, which has helped him to achieve such massive success in his career.

Staying Consistent

Growing a business is not easy, and one part that many new entrepreneurs find the most challenging is to show up every day and keep trying.

“My first and most important advice for someone striving to achieve success is being consistent,” Amir says. “Keep going on, no matter how big difficulties and barriers are because no obstacles can halt your success.”

Entrepreneurship is hardly a straight line. There will be many highs and lows on the way, but you must stay consistent and see it through to the end.

Stay Innovative

As a business owner, you must be innovative and always seek out new ways to do things. For Amir, he has developed a unique surgical procedure that provides the most premium results for his patients. However, he is not stopping there.

“I am always looking to do more and achieve bigger steps in my field. My target is to keep creating new methods. Nothing is better than seeing a patient’s faces shine with self-satisfaction and pleasure.”

Truly, there is nothing better than delivering the best service for your customers and clients. To keep that standard, you have to continue coming up with ideas and better ways you can serve your audience and makes their lives better with your product.

Believe in Your Ideas

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

-Steve Jobs

The biggest businesses in the world are the ones that are built on ideas that people thought were impossible. Empires like Apple’s, Tesla’s, and Amazon’s world exist because one man had a vision and he was crazy enough to pursue it. You have the next big idea, don’t be afraid to run with it.

“Believing in your ideas is the most crucial part of success. Never be afraid to follow your dreams, because you never know where they might lead. Always think big, learn how to balance life, and do not be afraid of failure. You must develop an unwavering resolution to succeed, and commit to it”

Practice Self Care

This is one aspect that does not get enough attention. Many entrepreneurs live unbalanced lives, dedicating themselves solely to the business. Never neglect your health. A healthy mind and body are very instrumental in the success of an entrepreneur, and taking care of them should rank highly on your priority list. 

Amir recommends eating healthy meals, always exercising, and taking breaks away from work to prioritize self-care. These activities will help you stay strong, fit, and productive.

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