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Lucy & Louis is an Innovative, Family-Centric Business



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There are seemingly endless options in the world when it comes to entertainment for kids. While all too often, children are given technological gadgets and know how to fully work an iPad before they are 2 years old, there are some forms of entertainment that still carry the wholesome feeling of real play. The core idea behind Lucy & Louis (a company of TripleOne) is to offer kids a real, social form of fun where they play with friends, eat, and get a haircut. The revolutionary idea behind this hair salon and event center in Laval, Quebec arose from the need to provide care and fun for kids, along with a much-needed break for parents. This innovative venture is owned by TripleOne — the decentralized company that allows users from across the globe to collaborate and manage businesses together.

Lucy & Louis is created with both kids and parents in mind. Their approach is very innovative for the industry, bridging the gap between a necessary errand, such as cutting a child’s hair, and playtime. The subscription model allows parents to choose the plan that best works for them; they can opt for a monthly subscription and select the level of services they’d like.

The team behind Lucy & Louis is quite creative, and that really shows in the thematic birthday parties and events that they organize to create unforgettable memories for families. Lucy & Louis will have thematic evenings and open houses for kids to socialize and make friends. Parents will also have the possibility to make their own customized party on demand after regular business hours. We currently close at 5pm Saturday and Sunday.  This is a fantastic way to throw a very personalized party that kids will never forget.

When COVID-19 hit and the world was paralyzed in a global lockdown, the founders of Lucy & Louis took that as an invitation to innovate further.

They created boy and girl at-home hair kits that will be available on Amazon, eBay, and other major online retailers, as well as social media. The team is working extremely hard to put the finishing touches on the physical space in Laval so that the space can open as soon as possible and provide kids with the well-deserved play time they so desperately need after being quarantined at home for months on end.

The weeks ahead are looking very exciting for Lucy & Louis. The girls’ kit is currently being developed and designed, and the boys’ kit is undergoing some changes in order to reduce the cost and provide parents major discounts. The brand is also working on creating custom boxes for kids which will incorporate toys.

As Lucy & Louis wants to encourage kids’ creativity, the physical space is being transformed and a beautiful mural is currently being painted. The salon and fun center will be equipped with various toys that provide both entertainment and learning for kids.

What makes Lucy & Louis different from other businesses is that all their services and products are family-centric. The brand takes a great deal of time to research and evaluate exactly what it is that parents and kids need, and then offer those solutions. Unlike other salons that simply offer a haircut and are quite boring to children, Lucy & Louis is a treat. The days of kids hating their trip to the hairdresser will soon be over.

The team behind Lucy & Louis is looking forward to organizing summer camp starting in 2021. This will be a wonderful chance for kids to learn new skills, play, and make lifelong friends.

Going digital and offering at-home hair kits is poised to make Lucy & Louis a household name, offering the same excellent experience at home as they do in person. For more news and updates, follow Lucy & Louis on Instagram.

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