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Revolutionizing Digital Marketing – Chansanith Um




Growing up in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, a young Chansanith Um had a dream. It was to make a difference in society.

An entrepreneur always looks at opportunities. Chansanith was no different. Having the entrepreneur spirit in him right from the beginning, he grew up wanting to change the way he sees the world.

While continuing his university study in computer science at Life University, social media was booming at an accelerated pace. It was at this point that Chansanith saw a future ahead of him as a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur.

To become a digital entrepreneur was not easy. But it was his perseverance to continue his passion in the field. Just before he finished his tertiary qualification, he had the privilege of working with small companies with their marketing campaigns.

This learning provided the platform for Chansanith to grow as a digital marketer. What was special in him was that, even when he was taking on clients and bringing in new opportunities, he didn’t stop learning.

The social media industry is changing at a rapid pace. As a marketer, it was essential for him to keep learning. And, that is what he did!

Social media is his strong suit. Over the years, the young entrepreneur has built over 20 pages on Facebook for several brands across the globe. His largest following accounts to 1.6 million on a single page.

Today, Chansanith is a fully pledged Digital Marketer with strengths in SEO and web design. With his creativity and the ability to think on his feet, he made the top 5 Digital Marketers list at 25.

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