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Famous Iranian actor Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi uses and supports the Bitcoin currency code in selling Tehran theater tickets



Famous Iranian actor Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi uses and supports the Bitcoin currency code in selling Tehran theater tickets

Over the past one hundred and fifty years, much has been written about success. The focus of this research has been mainly on the principles of success and its structure. The root and philosophy of success are known as personality ethics, in which success is attributed to characteristics such as perfection, courage, justice, patience, and so on.

Personality ethics is rooted in the primary characteristics of the individual, while identity ethics derive from our secondary characteristics. At the same time, although secondary characteristics contribute to a person’s success in some cases, both primary and secondary characteristics are essential for long-term success.

Influential people are always moving around us and we may even be unaware of them, today we want to talk about one of the most influential people in the world, Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi, entrepreneur and one of the most important personalities in The world of economics and on the other hand the famous Iranian actor whose films have been introduced to prestigious international festivals.

Recently, Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi implemented a new idea in Tehran, selling his theater tickets using bitcoin!
Many people welcomed us, most of them said after the theater that we made a very exciting and professional payment along with a great play by Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi.

It was noteworthy that after Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi tweeted about Bitcoin, we had a 4% increase in purchases in Iran, and this was a significant improvement.

Mohammad Matin, after what happened in the bitcoin world after tweeting, said:

If you do not know how to influence others, you will find life difficult. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an expert, your success depends on your ability to convince others to do what you want them to do. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project.

For this reason, these people put themselves in a position where it is not possible to move forward. It’s like hitting a big block without having any idea how to move it.

Contrary to my belief, our personality is formed from our set of habits and our habits play an important role in our lives. Habits include knowledge, skills, and desires. Knowledge lets us know what to do, skill lets us know how to do it, and desires motivate us to do it.

The tail is not something to be born with, but an skill. This skill must always be strengthened.

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