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A Brilliant Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and CEO, Mr. Iman Khatibzadeh



A Brilliant Filmmaker Entrepreneur and CEO Mr. Iman Khatibzadeh

An idealistic self-made marketer, adviser, CEO, business visionary, filmmaker, and actor. Iman Khatibzadeh is a perfect example of a ‘moonlighting man’

Iman Khatibzadeh, born on July 5th, 1988, is a Belgian-based Iranian technical entrepreneur, digital marketing visionary, actor, and filmmaker.

Iman Khatibzadeh is popularly known for his skill in acquiring a web foothold for his customers and is viewed as one of the most famous online media specialists. 

He is significantly brilliant in marketing, advertising, business development skills, and offering unique and interesting business ideas. 

He has worked with various productive customers and aided them in building a tremendous organization to give exposure to their brands and organizations.

Khatibzadeh began his vocation in 2008 as an entertainer and filmmaker. Since then, he has chipped away at a few media projects where he played an integral role as a digital marketing strategist, Mr. Elef Negar’s Role, Katyusha and Shahrzad. 

In 2012 Khatibzadeh turned into the chairman of IR Films in Belgium. After three years, he chose to begin his entrepreneur excursion and set up Proshot Media, an advanced advertising firm situated in Belgium. 

Under his authority, Proshot Media has gotten one of the quickest developing web-based media for the executives’ organizations in the business. 

Since its commencement, Khatibzadeh has helped in changing different grass-root organizations into worldwide giants. 

He has also served as a great mentor for young business visionaries out there. He has helped other entrepreneurs by offering his expert guidance on the subject matter. Starting in 2021, Proshot Media offers types of assistance to customers in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

In 2021 Khatibzadeh dispatched Filmpot Stream administration in Dubai, Iran, and Belgium. It is a subscription-based streaming stage like Netflix. Filmpot Stream and was made to connect the media content gap in the Middle East and offer premium substance to members outside of North America and Europe. 

This stage offers overwhelmingly Arabian films with captions in English, French, and Farsi. It additionally incorporates Hollywood and Iranian films with dubbing in Arabic.

Iman Khatibzadeh has also been featured in several media outlets for his individualistic approach as a social media marketer and expert. A few of these platforms include Disrupt Magazine, Yahoo, The Open News, Globe News Wire, WKND, NewsBreak, and many more. 

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