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Francesca Sanna Sulis: Google Doodle celebrates Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur’s 306th birthday



Francesca Sanna Sulis 306th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the 306th birthday of Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis, known as the Mulberry Woman, she used mulberry silk to design pretty dresses for notable women across Europe, on June 11, 2022.

Who is Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis?

Francesca Sanna Sulis was born on June 11th, 1716 in southern Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. She was an Italian fashion designer who opposed orientation generalizations in the eighteenth century by building a highly successful business.

Experiencing childhood on her family’s farms, Francesca Sanna Sulis learned how to deal with a business. At age 19, she married her husband and they moved to his family’s estate on a mulberry tree farm that cultivated silkworms. Pretty soon, Sulis was directing the whole silk production chain — from guaranteeing the worms had sufficient mulberry leaves to eat, to removing silk threads from cocoons. As Sulis took over the business, she invested in modern looms and changed the estate into an advanced silk manufacturing site.

Much to her dismay, her business would change the whole fashion industry. Before Sulis began designing dresses, society anticipated that respectable ladies should wear traditional outfits that were rigid and heavy. If women wouldn’t wear such awkward dresses, they risked being outcasts.

Declining to allow ladies to experience painful dresses, Francesca Sanna Sulis challenged oppressive fashion trends by designing mulberry silk gowns that were both rich and comfortable. Her designs became so popular to such an extent that the princesses from the House of Savoy, Italy’s last royal family, and Catherine the Great became her clients.

At the point when Francesca Sanna Sulis wasn’t designing gowns for royalty, she devoted her free time to empowering women in her community. She ran a vocational school that showed many ladies the rewarding arts of spinning, weaving, tailoring, and even botany. After completing the courses, ladies got a free loom and financial independence.

Today, you can track down Francesca Sanna Sulis’ historic dresses on display at the Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis Museum in Muravera and at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, where there is a picture of Catherine the Great wore in one of Sulis’ gowns.

On June 11, 2022, Google featured a Doodle on its homepage for celebrating Francesca Sanna Sulis’s 306th Birthday.

It is devoted to the Sardinian designer Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis, known as the lady of the mulberry trees, today’s Google Doodle to celebrate 306 years of one of the first Italian entrepreneurs. The Sardinian designer in the 18th century challenged gender stereotypes by building an extremely successful entrepreneurial activity.

Also called the Lady of the mulberries – simply the plants that frame the woman in Google’s Doodle – she cut her teeth using the silk created by the shrubs to design refined clothes, bound to dress the aristocrats of all of Europe in 1700.

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