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Google will not allow you to purchase movies and TV shows from the Play app beginning in May



Google will not allow you to purchase movies and TV shows from the Play app beginning in May (1)

Google will never again sell movies and TV shows from the Google Play app beginning in May, the organization declared. All things considered, you’ll have the option to get films and shows from the Google TV app. Google gave its TV app an upgrade last year, redesigning its interface and transforming it into a hub for your streaming requirements. Soon, it will likewise serve as Google’s official home for movies and TV shows you can rent or buy. While you can already do those now within the TV app, you can likewise still observe movies and TV shows to purchase from within the Google Play Store. In May 2022, however, Google will remove the Movies and TV tab from the Play Store menu at the bottom of its interface and will just keep selling apps, games,, and books.

Google Play Movies & TV-and the Google Play brand in general—seems doomed. Google previously pulled the Play Movies & TV app from Rokus and other smart TV platforms last year, and it will presently remove the Movies and TV section from the Play Store. The Play Store, which used to offer a large collection of content, presently just sells apps and books.

“On Google TV, you will find the same experience you are used to on Google Play Movies & TV with the latest new releases, rentals, deals, and great recommendations for you,” as indicated by an organization support page. The content you have previously bought will be available in the Google TV app, and you can use Play credit/gift cards to purchase things there on the off chance that you need.

Eventually, this doesn’t seem too dramatic of a shift. In any case, this change and Google’s decision to close down Google Play Music for YouTube Music could both show that Google is decreasing its dependence on the Play brand as its storefront for digital goods. Google Play will in any case be your destination if you have any desire to purchase apps, games, and books – essentially for the present.

Apple likewise cracks sales of its content across various apps. Apps are in the App Store, music is in iTunes, movies and TV shows are in the Apple TV app, and books are in Apple Books.

Google presented a message on the Google Play Help community saying that the Movies & TV Play Store section will close down in May 2022 and that the Google TV app will be the new home for purchasing movie and TV content from Google on phones and tablets. The organization additionally sells video content through YouTube, and when it shut down the Google Play Movies & TV app on smart TVs, Google pitched the YouTube app as its substitution for bought content.

So when you purchase video content from Google, you use the Google TV or Google Play Movies & TV app to play content on Android, the Google Play Movies & TV app on iOS, and the YouTube app on third-party smart TVs like Roku. “Google TV” isn’t simply the name of the phone app and video content store; it’s additionally the new name of Android TV OS, which you can get on the new Chromecast (it’s likewise integrated into a few Sony and TCL television sets). On those gadgets, your buys are incorporated into the operating system. Google Play Movies & TV will be totally dead assuming Google decides to close down the phone apps, and that appears to be unavoidable now.

The move is the latest step in Google’s sunsetting of Google Play. The organization hasn’t officially declared that it wants to kill the brand yet, yet a dubious measure of Google Play services is being switched off. Google Play launched in 2012 as a home for all of Google’s content. Android apps and games, music, books, movies, TV shows, and magazines could be in every way purchased in a brought together Play Store interface, and a collection of content playback apps permitted users to access each library type. It appears to be that Google abandoned this idea at some point.

Google Play Newsstand was closed down and converged into Google News in 2018, and Play Music was closed down in 2020 for YouTube Music. Google Play Movies & TV appears next on the list. With the expulsion of buys from the Play Store and the app from smart TVs, just the phone app is left.

If you haven’t investigated the new Google TV app yet, you’ll see a Shop tab where you can track down every one of the titles the tech giant offers. All that you pay for will be found in the Library tab, and all bought content will be there indefinitely – you can either stream it or download it.

Observe that you can in any case use Play credit and Play gift cards for transactions within the app and every one of your buys are as yet eligible for family sharing and Google Play Points. In addition, you can in any case view and request refunds for your TV app purchases on Google Play. The only difference is that if there’s a title you want to watch, you’ll soon need to start up the dedicated Google TV app rather than Play Store to track down it.

On the Play Store, that leaves apps, games, and books. Google Play Books doesn’t have an elective home yet, yet expect to hear about one soon.

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