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Harrison Landing – Some of Your Questions Answered



Harrison Landing – Some of Your Questions Answered

You love your parents a lot. Just because you love them, it is not that you should prevent them from moving to a senior living community. Particularly, if your parents need independence and they have decided for such a move, you should support them. Let us consider that you have shortlisted Harrison Landing as the senior living community ideal for your parents in Langley. Before you book any suite, you will have a lot of questions in your mind. Here are a few common questions you might have and their answers:

How Much Should I Pay Every Month for A Suite?

The rate of the room or suite you hire differs based on different factors. Examples include:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • The Square footage

However, understanding your requirements and letting you choose a suite based on your budget, Harrison Landing offers clear pricing details. You can find the monthly cost of different suites from the official website before you choose one.

Are the Monthly Rates Mentioned Per Couple or Person?

The details about the pricing you find on the Harrison Landing website are for a single person for one month. The fee for every additional person in the same suite will be $600 per month. As you are thinking about both your dad and mom moving to the senior living facility, you should calculate the cost accordingly.

Should My Parents Sign a Lease Before Moving?

No, there is no need to sign a lease as the properties are to be rented on a month-to-month basis. The only thing that this property demands is that they want the residents to give a 30-day notice in case they are planning to move. When you do this, they can arrange for a new resident in your place for the particular suite.

How to Reserve a Suite in Harrison Landing?

Let us consider that you have decided on a particular suite after discussing it with your parents. Based on the availability, you can enter into a rental agreement immediately. When you book, you will have to pay the first month’s rent. Also, along with this money, you will have to deposit the value equivalent to one month of rent as your damage deposit.

Let us consider that no suites are open for the occupancy date you desire. In this case, you can lock a forthcoming suite. When you do this, you can place a $500 deposit for a suite that you intend to reserve.

Otherwise, you can have the names of your parents placed on Harrison’s waitlist. The company will call you when a suit that fits you is available for rent.

Is a Cable TV Facility Available?

Yes, a basic cable facility is available on the property. However, in case, your parents need a premium cable or more channels, you will have to create your account. In this case, you will be responsible for paying for the premium cable service.

So, with these answers, you might have decided about your parents’ moving to Harrison Landing!

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