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How to become a real estate developer? Explains Ayodele Awoleye



Ayodele Awoleye

A highly successful, driven, and passionate real estate developer and investor himself, Ayodele Awoleye says honesty and strong work ethics always help people win.

So much has already been spoken about several people and professionals across industries of the world who have climbed their ladder of success all on their own. Still, many more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius. Serial entrepreneurs like Ayodele Awoleye have remained trailblazers in the business world, stimulating enthusiasm and motivation in other rising talents across industries.

Ayodele Awoleye, who has remained influential in real estate investments, development, and entrepreneurship, discusses how to become a successful name in the industry.

He says that earning a degree in real estate or business management and development would be an excellent starter for people looking to create a successful career as real estate developers. He further explains how essential it is for people to put in their all in the industry to learn new things, tactics, and strategies and garner more knowledge by working for others first.

He shares that gaining on-site experiences will help them go a long way in the industry. Amidst this, budding talents must also emphasize creating a solid network, which will later help them build their net worth. Building a network will help them come in contact with like-minded professionals and other influential figures in the industry who can help them get to their next level of success.

Besides all this, Ayodele Awoleye says that they should also learn to manage finances and dive deep into the real estate markets in their city/region to understand consumer behavior and many other real estate market factors. They should also hone their skills and knowledge in understanding real estate contracts to avoid any discrepancies. He highlights that becoming certified in the industry can be an added advantage.

Ayodele Awoleye (@ayo_awoleye) recalls how he initially purchased a mortgage franchise, diving into mortgage development, real estate financing, and credit processing and repair. His acquired knowledge in the mortgage industry and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to purchase and manage eight rental properties and build a property management holdings company. Later, he built three properties from scratch and, since then, has never looked back in the world of real estate and entrepreneurship.

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