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International Youth Day 2020: Theme, History, and Significance of the day



International Youth Day

International Youth Day is a holiday made by the United Nations and celebrated every year on August 12th since 2000. On this day, individuals should perceive the significance and the hard work of the young people of the world and how they have had any kind of effect on society. It is likewise a day to promote approaches to connect with the youngsters of the world and help them to contribute significantly more to their communities and society when all is said in done.

As indicated by the UN, International Youth Day offers a chance to celebrate and standard youngsters’ voices, initiatives, and activities, as well as their important, universal, and equitable engagement.

The UN characterizes the worlds’ youth as the age group somewhere in the range of 15 and 24 years of age. There are around 1.8 billion youngsters between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world right now and giving an exceptional consideration to these youths is the need of great importance. Thusly, to raise awareness of challenges and issues confronting the world’s youth, the International Youth Day is praised.

The thought for International Youth Day was proposed in 1991 by youngsters who were assembled in Vienna, Austria, for the first session of the UN’s World Youth Forum.

International Youth Day 2020 Theme

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” tries to feature the manners by which the engagement of youngsters at the local, national and global levels is advancing national and multilateral organizations and procedures, as well as draw exercises on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be essentially upgraded.

As the United Nations turns 75, and with just 10 years staying to make the 2030 Agenda a reality for all, trust in public organizations is dissolving. At the international level, against the background of an undeniably polarized world, the global system of governance is right now experiencing an emergency of authenticity and importance. Specifically, this emergency is rooted in the need to strengthen the capacity of the international system to act in concert and actualize answers for pressing difficulties and dangers (examples incorporate some of the most exceedingly awful contemporary clashes and humanitarian crises, for example, Syria and Myanmar, as well as global challenges, for example, the COVID-19 outbreak and environmental change).

Join #31DaysOfYOUth, a social media campaign that will commend youngsters during the time of August, leading up and following International Day, to help spread the news and start up a discussion surrounding youth engagement for worldwide activity.

The current year’s IYD tries to get the focus on youth engagement through the accompanying three interconnected streams:

  • Engagement at the local/community level;
  • Engagement at the national level (formulation of laws, policies, and their implementation); and,
  • Engagement at the global level.

History of International Youth Day

Before there was an International Youth Day, there was an International Youth Year which was made in 1985. After ten years, a few rules and guidelines were built up to help individuals everywhere throughout the world work together to improve the lives of youngsters. The 15 zones that were assigned a priority, most definitely, is Education, Employment, Poverty, Health, The Environment, Delinquency, Drug Abuse, HIV and AIDS, Girls and young women, Participation, Globalization, Intergenerational relations, youth conflict, communication technologies, and relaxation time activities.

In 1999, International Youth Day was made as a tool to achieve and promote these points. This day, which was made by United Nations Resolution 54/120 is a day for individuals to remember these points and do what they can for the young people of the world. It is likewise a call to government offices, charities, and different associations everywhere throughout the world, to do what they can to improve the lives of the youngsters of the world.

The first International Youth Day was seen on 12 August 2000 and has been observed every year from that point forward. In 1999, the General Assembly supported the proposal made the ‘World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth’, and consequently International Youth Day came to be praised yearly.

On International Youth Day, there will be significant media campaigns on TV, radio, on the web, and through different venues to engage youth and urge them to take greater responsibility for the issues that have the greatest effects on their lives. There will likewise be various youth conferences, public exhibitions, and other unique events held for Youth Day in various nations.

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