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Joe Biden Announces Bid for Re-Election in 2024 Presidential Race



Joe Biden Announces Bid for Re Election in 2024 Presidential Race

According to three people briefed on the discussions, President Joe Biden will formally declare his 2024 reelection campaign as soon as next week. According to reports, President Biden is expected to officially declare his intention to run for president again next week.

According to a number of reports, Biden, 80, and his team hope to make the statement via campaign video on April 25, which will mark the four-year anniversary of his 2020 campaign launch.

The people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, stated that they were unaware that a final decision had been made regarding the timing. However, they did know that Biden had been eyeing Tuesday, April 25, four years to the day after the Democrat entered the 2020 race. The upcoming declaration is expected to be as a video released to supporters.

Biden, 80, has stated on multiple occasions that he intends to run for a second term. However, advisers claim that he has not felt the need to begin campaigning because he does not face significant opposition to the nomination of his party.

Speculation whirled for months about whether Biden would run for re-election, with his team just saying he “intended to run,” but not offering some other statements in the affirmative. However, he stated last week that an announcement regarding his candidacy would be made “relatively soon.”

Biden sent out exclusive invitations to some of his top contributors from the 2020 campaign this week, requesting that they go to a hastily-planned event at the White House.

Biden, who is currently the oldest president in American history, would turn 86 at the end of his second term in 2029 if he wins reelection.

The reports come at a time when Biden is doing poorly in polls among Democratic voters; nearly half of those polled in the early primary state of New Hampshire does not want him to run for reelection.

It will be a very different experience than it was four years ago when most of the political establishment thought Biden was a joke until he gained support as the candidate Democrats believed was best suited to defeat then-President Donald Trump during the coronavirus pandemic. He will have to deal with the challenge of running for reelection and running the country at this time around.

In recent months, Biden has been concentrating on implementing the massive infrastructure, technology investment, and climate laws that he passed in his first two years in office. He has also been striking a sharp contrast with Republicans as Washington prepares for a fight over raising the limit on the amount of money the country can borrow. Prior to his upcoming campaign for reelection, aides believe that these priorities will enhance his image.

Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are bidding to challenge Biden in the Democratic primary.

On the other side of the aisle, he is facing an even more crowded field as Republican candidates continue to line up to challenge former President Donald Trump’s position as the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

Additionally, the president, who is already the oldest person to hold the job, will have to deal with voter concerns regarding his fitness for the job. Aides say he plans to run a strong campaign ahead of what they expect to be a close general election due to the country’s polarization, regardless of who emerges as the GOP standard-bearer. He has dismissed those concerns, telling voters to “watch me.”

Next week, top Democratic donors will be invited to Washington for dinner and a strategy session with Biden’s chief political advisers.

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