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Journey Of Paras Vijay Gupta From Dropping Out Engineering To Hiring Engineers.



Journey Of Paras Vijay Gupta From Dropping Out Engineering To Hiring Engineers.

Determined to do something big in life, many take on the road to reach the destination they desire with all that they have. While some are unaware of where life would take them, some others exactly know what they want to be, what they want to achieve & where they want to reach in life. And, Paras Vijay Gupta is all about that & much more. Born in Jhansi , The energetic soul has already carved a path for himself. Paras Vijay has worked day & night to take forward his name in the industry to newer heights. He aspires to be amongst the top influential entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit hailing from …… is the head of an import-export house and is also a credible Personal Branding expert, growing at an unparalleled speed in India and is keen to expand his empire.

Paras Vijay shares an equal madness for an opulent lifestyle on his social media which also gives an extra limelight to him. With managing his multiple businesses, Paras Vijay also has an active hand at helping others & is involved in social work too. Doing this as a young soul is beyond commendable as it shows that it is not about the age it is about the will to make things possible & to make use of the power & money in the right direction. A college drop out has successfully made a name for himself, a man with passion in his heart & will power in his mind, decided to take on the world with his determination, perseverance & selflessness to work not only to excel his businesses to get a high standard life one requires living life with high values. Kudos to people like Paras Vijay Gupta who mend the life as it comes & set an example for others to overcome all the hurdles in life & enjoy every bit of it.

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