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Marc Galal on how reading a book on NLP inspired him to become a leading business coach



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“The secret to success or failure is in your attitude.” This mantra is Marc Galal’s belief, the motto that pushes him to drive himself hard to achieve his dreams. Marc is a leading life and business coach who helps people grow their businesses and improve their lives through personal development. Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Marc has coached people for over 21 years. His goal? To support people in achieving their personal and business goals to live the life they’ve always wanted. 

Marc did not start out as a coach; initially, he was a bodybuilder who became a European Master and vice world champion at 21. However, he quit the sport for the sake of his health and decided to become a businessman. He traveled to Dubai and to start a business in the furniture industry, supplying buildings with high-end German furniture. He had everything settled to start the company including a sheik as a start-up investor, but felt that something was missing from his life. 

“It was not until my friend gave me a book on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) that I finally figured out what was missing,” says Marc. “I was doing well with my plans, but in my heart, I knew that I wanted to help people succeed in their lives.”

His passion was in coaching people, and he decided to step back from his business idea to become a life and business coach. “That NLP book that my friend gave me was my awakening,” he believes. He left Dubai and traveled to the United States to be trained by Tony Robbins, an author, and motivational speaker. He found out that Tony had been trained by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, and decided to become an NLP master trainer himself.

As a trainer, Marc came up with a form of NLP that aimed at helping salespeople increase their sales using NLP language patterns and help them improve their lives and become better versions of themselves. “Some of the highlights in my career are when salespeople I’ve trained in NLP come up to me and show me increases of 300-500% in revenue,” claims Marc. “This success in people I’ve trained has made me believe that I can do more; therefore, I’m committed to making 100 millionaires in the next five years.”

Marc, who won an award for Best Trainer in Personal Development in 2016 from Focus Magazine, is determined to make more people successful in their life and business through his mentoring and coaching system. He continues to excel as a business coach and is motivating people to chase their dreams.

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