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Matica Slovenská Day 2020: What is Matica Slovenská? Why is it celebrated?



Matica Slovenská Day

Matica Slovenská Day (Deň Matice Slovenskej) is a remembrance day in Slovakia, that is observed every year on August 4. This day celebrates the day when the primary scientific and cultural institution of Slovakia was built up in 1863.

The Matica slovenská is a scientific and cultural institution, that centers around subjects around the Slovak country. It was set up in 1863 as an exertion of the Slovak country to establish foundations of science, libraries, and museums in Slovakia.

The possibility of the foundation of the Matica slovenská was propelled by the foundation of the same institutions in Serbia, and the Czech Republic. The Matica existed uniquely till 1875 when it was abrogated by Hungarian organization (around then Slovakia was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary). The principle purpose behind abolishment was that the Matica was “against the government” and an “anti-patriotic” institution.

The Matica couldn’t continue its scientific activities till the dissolution of the Kingdom of Hungary and the foundation of Czechoslovakia in 1918. The second Matica was opened on August 5, 1919, and it played a significant role in further improvement of Slovak culture.

In the present Slovak language, “Matica” signifies “matrix”. “Matica” used in this context is also a Slovak word and it intends to: associate with something more strong (interface with the motherboard). In this context “Matica slovenská” could without much of a stretch be comprehended as kind of connection, being connected to its Slavic antecedents and its Slavic history to its motherland.

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