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Matthew Melamed: A Unique and Enchanting Sound in the Indie-Folk Scene



Matthew Melamed A Unique and Enchanting Sound in the Indie Folk Scene

Matthew Melamed is quickly making a name for himself in the indie-folk scene with his unique and enchanting sound. Listening to his music is like sitting by a rainy window, letting the music and lyrics transport you to a different place. His sound is a blend of various genres, including classical music, folk, and rock, with an effortless vocal delivery and a distinct tone to his voice.

Not only is he a talented musician, but Matthew is also an entrepreneur and CEO of a successful media company, as well as a producer.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Matthew Melamed (born June 20, 1992) has experienced different cultures and sounds from around the world, living in places such as Canada, Bulgaria, South Africa, and Germany, and it’s reflected in his music.

His debut single “Oh” was a hit, gaining over 100k listens and positive reviews on music blogs. Matthew has continued to release music that takes listeners on a journey with each song.

Matthew Melamed’s latest release, “And I,” is a refreshing and captivating addition to the music scene. The polished musical production and emotive vocals are truly breathtaking. One can truly feel the raw emotions that Matthew has poured into the song, making it a powerful narrative of human experience. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but feel connected to, and it’s clear that Matthew has a unique ability to tell stories through his music in the most authentic and relatable way.

We look forward to seeing what Matthew will release next.

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