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MPR Riche Rich Not Only Raps but Leads by Example With His Work Ethic



MPR Riche Rich Time Bulletin Pic

Most know MPR Riche Rich as the Detroit rapper for his viral song “Spend A Check.” On a deeper level, MPR Riche Rich is an all-around motivator who uses his rapping abilities to inspire others. Since 2014, the rapper has stuck to his craft, proving to his doubters that anything can be done if you stick with it. Now reaching major success after the years, others have looked up to the rapper for inspiration.

We sat down with MPR Riche Rich and asked him about his laser work ethic. He said, “Nothing good comes easy. The more work you put into something, the greater the results of your end product and appreciation.” MPR Riche Rich so far has walked the talk with his constant quality music releases. Every video the rapper has released has been a high budget and high-quality looking music video.

With all of the new rappers coming out each day, MPR Riche Rich can be looked at as the perfect example to follow. Every single release the rapper has ever put out since 2014 has been a quality production. In doing this, his hard work eventually has led him to the success he’s achieved today.

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