Mrs.Savita Prakash Patne, a woman in power who is making many lives better

Mrs.Savita Prakash Patne

Mrs.Savita Prakash Patne is Bharatiya Janta Parti OBC Morcha Mantri Nagpur City Prabhari Madhya Nagpur has shown great efficiency during the pandemic. She is a social worker and has been actively involved in serving her community during the Covid-19 crisis. She is also the receiver of the Covid Warrior Award which implies the intensity of the work that she has done for society. Right from arranging meal to providing essential services. Mrs.Savita has been victorious in all the tasks that she has undertaken. The pandemic has been very harsh on people, especially the poor. They are the ones who were affected the most. Helping these people in adverse situation has been one of her main objectives.
She is also the recipient of the prestigious Nashik Maharashtra Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Samaj Bhushan Award. Her social work has been recognised and the impact of her activities has been huge. Especially the blood donations camps that she has been organizing are working towards providing enough blood supply for the people in need. Apart from medical work, she has also been contributing to the development of the academic field.
As a personality, she is very humble and does not like to boost the work. She considers it her duty and is definitely doing her part in taking care of many aspects of the area she has been trusted with.
During the Corona wave, which hit Nagpur big time, she has been regularly supplying food grains to the needy. Such gestures automatically show what kind of person she is. She sure is helpful and that is the main reason she is in power. India is considered one of the biggest democratic country and people only give you a vote if they are convinced that the person in power will make the situation better for them. We are also considered a third world country and unless our politicians do not pull their socks up, we are going to remain one. The work of Mrs.Savita Prakash Patne is really worth applauding and we are in no shock to see her win so many honourable awards. Patriotic at heart, she feels the need to focus on the low-income group to improve the working of the society and to provide people with good jobs and youth education.
Mrs.Savita Prakash Patne is presently in charge of the Central Human Rights Organization, New Delhi and also of Vidarbha Pradesh General Secretary Nagpur. Lately, she has also been seen encouraging and motivating people to come forward and take the vaccine so that the pressure on the medical setup will decrease. We hope to see all her future endeavours be a hit among the ones who require help and continue to wish her the best.