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My Opinion of Yaqeen Institute “Conversations”



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Yaqeen Institute carries the belief that Islam should not be difficult for Muslims to understand. The philosophy behind the conversation decks at Yaqeen is all it takes is a meaningful conversation to understand your faith, yourself, and those around you. These conversation decks are designed to help you gain perspective as well as organize your thoughts.

There are fourteen different conversation decks available at Yaqeen Institute. The point of these conversation decks to start a meaningful conversation amongst a group of people, discussing whatever the topic may be. Each discussion can range from 45-70 minutes long or can go as long as you would like.

To start a conversation, you must choose a member of the group to be the moderator. The moderator will conduct the first four rounds as well as keep time. The moderator is also allowed to participate in the conversation.

Once the moderator has been selected, you must line up the cards in order and place them face down in the middle. The cards should be placed in the following order: Icebreaker, The BIG question, all pair-share cards in one pile, and reflect. After, you must shuffle the go online, ask, watch, and read cards and place them in a pile in the middle. It is required you have a device to watch the videos linked on the watch cards.

Rounds explained

Round 1 – Icebreaker

The first round is the icebreaker round. In this round, the moderator will read the icebreaker card as participants listen to the instructions.

Round 2 – The Big Question

In round 2 the moderator will read the big question aloud. All participants will individually write down their answers within the given time limit.

Round 3 – Pair-Share

In round 3, each participant will select a partner and go into groups. The moderator will read the pair share card aloud. The first member of the group has a minute to share their thoughts. When the moderator calls out to switch, the second member will share for a minute. Once the moderator calls out time, they will then read the second question on the card. Each participant will once again have one minute to share.

Round 4 – Watch/Go Online/ Ask or Read:

In this round, the groups will split up, and all participants will come back together. Each participant will draw a card, read the question, and share their thoughts. After, all the other participants will share their thoughts on the question drawn. This will continue until each player has drawn a card and shares their thoughts.

Round 5 – Reflect

The game will end with a reflect card, which the moderator will read aloud. These questions will allow each person to answer and share their thoughts. The reflect card has no time limit. Once everyone has shared, the conversation is over.

The Takeaway Card

After the conversation ends, each participant in the conversation should be given a takeaway card. These cards can be read either as they receive them or in their own time.

These conversations are all designed to spark questions about Islam, and through group discussion help the participants find the answers. If you or anyone you may know has struggled with any of the concepts in Islam, then these decks are perfect for you!

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