Nitish Bahalwala- Contemplating Pseudo feminism in “Feminatow”

As Albert Einstein said once – ” Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. Reality depends on perception what is true to someone is not necessary that it would be true to everyone. Nitish Bahalwala has always tried to explore this notion with his books. His last release “The Chimera” received an overwhelming response and also won the OK India award .In addition, his book also received the ‘Bestselling Modern Philosophy Book 2019.’

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Having tasted success with his first book, Nitish is here again with another release titled- “Feminatow”. Feminatow talks about pseudo feminism and gender differences from the perspective of the male counterpart. Nitish belongs to Haryana. His first release The Chimera, was among the Top 10 books in one of the NotionPress sales contest. The Feminatow is scheduled to be released on May 23 and undoubtedly it’s gonna be hit too.

Nitish is also a TEDx speaker and therefore is always open to discussions and criticism. Writing on a sensitive topic he realises that it can lead to controversies but Nitish says that he has not taken any side and just presented a perspective from another dimension. He says that some people with an agenda always try to bring you down but Nitish cares a little about people like these, he says that even if his book his banned it will continue to serve its purpose by spreading awareness in the masses.

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