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Oued Ed-Dahab Day 2020: History and Significance of the Allegiance Day



Oued Ed Dahab Day

Oued Ed-Dahab Day (Fête Oued Eddahab) is celebrated on August 14 in Morocco. This public holiday is otherwise called Oued Ed-Dahab Allegiance Day. It celebrates the day Morocco recouped the southern province of Oued Ed-Dahab from the Spanish colonization Mauritania.

History of Oued Ed-Dahab Day

Oued Ed-Dahab is the most southerly of Morocco’s 16 areas. It lies in the contested region of Western Sahara, which had been involved by Spain since 1884.

In 1975, Spain, Morocco and Mauritania signed the Madrid Accords that finished the Spanish presence in the domain and separated Western Sahara between Mauritania and Morocco. Morocco controlled the northern 66% of the region, and Mauritania expected control over the staying southern part.

On Monday, August 14th, 1979, 360 tribal leaders and clerics from Oued Ed-Dahab, visited Rabat, the capital of Kingdom to give the late King Hassan II their pledge of devotion. The pledge was viewed as a green light for Morocco to attach the region for the benefit of the country.

Notwithstanding the promise, the region of Western Sahara stays a contested area with the United Nations, and most nations not perceiving Morocco’s claim to sovereignty of the region.

The day Morocco attached the southern 33% of Western Sahara is presently celebrated as Oued Ed-Dahab Allegiance Day.

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