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Private interview with Saeed Kooshafar, a popular Iranian entrepreneur and investor



Private interview with Saeed Kooshafar a popular Iranian entrepreneur and investor

Saeed Kooshafar, born in Iran on the 28th of October in 1997, is one of the most popular Iranian entrepreneurs who has achieved many honors in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Subsequently, we have a private interview with Saeed. Please stay with us.

We are so happy that you accepted our invitation, what is your definition of success?

Success has different definitions.

If an entrepreneur in the first place of his approach focuses only on how much he achieves and how much profit he earns, he has certainly chosen the wrong path. For entrepreneurship, money only helps us to move on with it and push the business forward. Besides, one way is to spend money on charities to help others. So, an entrepreneur does not equate success with earning a high income from a business he has just started.

Did you succeed in a short time?

One can’t go a hundred years overnight.

An entrepreneur should know that he has to work hard for the success of his business and this takes plenty of time. So, there is no shortcut to succeed in entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur who has chosen this path knows that this requires a lot of time and effort to be successful.

Success is divided into how many parts? Or rather, how many ways there are to succeed?

There is more than one way to succeed.

As much as possible, try to get experienced through the experiences of others and the steps they have taken. If you do not re-do the wrong steps they took, you would get one step closer to success. When you set a path to a goal, you must have the flexibility and courage to change your way if necessary. Entrepreneurs are dynamic beings who are always striving. Therefore, an entrepreneur knows that there are different paths to success and does not restrict himself to one particular path.

What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur is eager to make sacrifices.

An entrepreneur should enjoy what he is doing at the moment. He believes in the business he has started and is willing to make any sacrifices for it. However, this sacrifice would not harm other aspects of his life.

For entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur contacts many people who need to deal with all of them kindly to succeed. Losing temper easily and getting angry through the entrepreneurial path make it harder to reach your goals.

The entrepreneur is patient, rushing through the entrepreneurial path may not end well. One of the biggest assets of an entrepreneur is time, which by managing it and using it correctly, one can make success more accessible.

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