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Rohit Bag: How the Musician Manages Art and Business



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For a long time, people have considered the disciplines of Art, Business and Science to be from different worlds. But this is a world where everything is getting integrated into each other, and the scope of knowledge and opportunities is increasing.

Rohit Bag, 22 from the city of Kolkata, makes electronic music but is not just a musician but also a digital marketer. He balances his time between his two passions and has found success in all his endeavours. He has an unwavering determination and passion for everything he does and hence creates great results.

On the business side, he is known for his innovative Instagram marketing strategies.

He is equally successful in his music side and is famous for tracks like Jupiter, Cyclotron and Jerry Tunes.

We spend countless hours listening to music. Whatever our mood is, we fall back on music to complement it. We launch our music app, put in our earphones and we’re transported to another world. But people like Bag love music more than others and dedicate their time and resources to making melodies, beats, synths from scratch. Since Bag decided to be an independent artist he doesn’t have the same comforts as someone with a label backing. He has to schedule his own studio sessions, look at the marketing and PR side among other things. But he continues to do it tirelessly because of his love for music.

The tracks Shades and Moonlight are set to be released and will be followed by the tracks that Bag is currently working on.

Bag is also a photographer and regularly shares his clicks and creations with his over 200k Instagram followers. He also does photography professionally and boasts of an extensive client list.

It’s not easy to manage a successful digital marketing business and be an independent artist as it requires a lot of power, skills, abilities and enthusiasm. Rohit Bagh is one who defines the inner himself and proves that age is just a number for all. He believes that if you have the abilities and are passionate about your goals, you are the real king of your own dreams.


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