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SCF Launches Hacker Marathon Fund, Leading the Global Blockchain Innovation Trend



SCF Launches Hacker Marathon Fund, Leading the Global Blockchain Innovation Trend

SCF Investment Management has announced the launch of the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund, dedicated to advancing digital innovation and building a leading global blockchain ecosystem. The fund will serve as the incubation engine for the SCF public chain, aiming to drive global blockchain technology innovation and aspire to become a leader in the global financial sector.

SCF Hacker Marathon Fund: Driving Digital Innovation

The SCF Hacker Marathon Fund focuses on digital innovation, aiming to encourage industry collaboration, creation, and experimentation to propel continuous technological advancement. The fund sparks innovative thinking through challenging competitions, encouraging participants to pursue novel and efficient solutions.

Clear Goals and Community Governance Solutions in Digital Innovation

In the field of digital innovation, the fund has set clear goals and community governance solutions, including fostering entrepreneurial spirit, promoting the development of technology communities, addressing real-world challenges, and nurturing technical talent.

SCF Launches Hacker Marathon Fund Leading the Global Blockchain Innovation Trend 1

To ensure the healthy development of the fund, a democratic community governance model is adopted. Users can participate in decision-making through community governance proposals, ensuring fairness and broad acceptance. Proposals will be subject to a vote within a set timeframe and must receive over 51% support to pass.

Participation: Obtain FSP Tokens through Donations

Participating in the SCF Hacker Marathon Fund is straightforward: donors can obtain equivalent FSP tokens through their contributions. Users holding FSP tokens will share in the results of project development, collectively creating and sharing value within the ecosystem.

Multiple Rights and Applications of FSP Tokens

Issued by FinSwap, FSP tokens are not just digital tokens; they also possess multiple rights. The uses of FSP tokens include platform dividends, liquidity mining, cross-chain transaction fee payments, and community governance voting.

About FinSwap

FinSwap is a cross-chain swap application developed based on the SCF public chain’s dual-chain lightning interaction architecture and atomic swap services. It employs a third-generation AMM automated market maker mechanism, enhancing capital efficiency, reducing slippage, and solving the challenge of decentralized cross-chain liquidity.

FinSwap’s Future Impact Encompasses:

  • Cross-chain liquidity revolution: FinSwap aims to fundamentally change the way decentralized cross-chain liquidity works, providing a seamless cross-chain trading experience, accelerating asset flow between different blockchains, and enhancing interoperability in the crypto world.
  • High throughput: Fin-Chain’s high TPS exceeding 80,000 makes it a high-performance blockchain network suitable for handling large-scale cross-chain transactions, improving transaction speed and efficiency.
  • Slippage and risk reduction: The adoption of the third-generation AMM automated market maker mechanism is expected to reduce slippage, improve capital efficiency, and prevent flash crashes for any asset, mitigating market risks.
  • Industry problem-solving: FinSwap is poised to address the challenges of decentralized cross-chain liquidity, incentivizing more projects and developers to join the ecosystem and driving the development of the blockchain and DeFi sectors.

Distribution and Total Supply of FSP Tokens

The total supply of FSP tokens is 10,000,000,000, with distribution including SCF Hacker Marathon Fund management donation airdrop reserve, liquidity mining proportion, FSP Lab contribution and ecosystem contribution, FSP operations and technical development, and community promotion plans.

Looking Ahead: Jointly Promoting the Prosperous Development of the Digital Ecosystem

The SCF Hacker Marathon Fund aims to reward early community members through the orderly distribution of FSP tokens, jointly promoting the prosperous development of the digital ecosystem. It is expected that by 2025, the total market value of FSP/SCF will reach $81 billion, providing investment returns to users while supporting the healthy development of developers, communities, and the ecosystem.

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