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Self Made Man, Manzil Pathan



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Claiming an effective business in Mumbai, he is one of the most powerful personalities anybody can have. Manzil Pathan’s Car assembling and handling unit is supposed to be the most wonderful and productive workshop all over. He is the ??????? and ??? of Custom Car Wheel Studio ( He has begun his excursion from zero and now he turned into an effective youthful finance manager.

Manzil Pathan was conceived on fifth August 1989 in Mumbai. Hailing from a business class family, Manzil has his foundations stuck where it counts, in the business domain. Aside from being a powerful finance manager, hailing from Mumbai he is likewise an automobile lover. Carrying on with a lavish way of life, he claims some very good quality autos. The workshop of Manzil Pathan’s gives an astounding significance to the state of the vehicle. Be it any sort of supercars, extravagance vehicles, or superbikes, everything goes through true channels and customization. His affiliation guarantees that the clients will get the best vehicles in the best ideal condition that barely portrays the old state of the vehicle. The vehicles experience in excess of 150 periods of critical checks, prior to setting up the course of action. Manzil Pathan never neglects to fulfill the purchasers with his particulars, customization, and interest. Recently, during the COVID-19, numerous organizations have taken a gigantic turn. Apart from his interest in the business, he shares an equal madness for goats. He has a record in India of purchasing the most extravagant and the most Expensive goats. He claims, “Every year I have purchased goats that costs around 5 to 6 lakhs and up till now, I have invested a total of 27 to 30 lakhs on the most exotic goats that there can be.”
The effect of this pandemic has influenced the lives of many, yet some utilized their time and assets grandly. Such effective organizations that prospered during an emergency are leaded by committed and persevering Businessmen, and Manzil Pathan has proven his worth. The well-deserved title of a successful businessman unquestionably suits him.

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