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Shabam Releases his Debut Single ‘I Bow To You’



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Los Angeles based Indian singer-songwriter Shabam has discharged his Debut single ‘I Bow To You’

The message he’s attempting to grant out through this song about appreciating people and things in life as a result of that’s what matters at the end of the day.

The song is concerning thanking the universe/nature to what it offers us. Since Shabam is a spirtual one so he believes within the law of attraction, He set to write down a song about it.

The song is extremely close to his heart because it was the first song he wrote.


Photo: Poster of the single ‘I Bow to You’

He further added: It’s perpetually sensible to write down concerning one thing you think in and as a result of that tells loads to the audience of who you actually are as an musician

I take advantage of the words within the chorus ‘I bow to you, to make me see this beauty, I say thanks to you, to make me see this beauty.



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