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Shine like a dazzling Lust and feel like the center of any occasion with Built From Stone’s new track “Lust”



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A new EP from Built From Stone has completely dominated the music business. There are three tracks on this EP. It didn’t take long until one of the songs became viral. “Lust” has broken streaming records across all platforms. Built From Stonehas been forced into a situation where he is helpless.

There are three songs on Built From Stone’s new EP: “Luck,” “Love,” and “Lust.”. The three songs all deal with a different person’s emotional state. As a result of the compelling tunes, it’s understandable if you find yourself returning to each track repeatedly.

Rumor Records was in charge of the EP’s release. Rumor Records and Built From Stoneworked together on the song “Lust,” which resulted in a masterpiece. The song, as its name suggests, is highly enlightening.

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