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Signal app gets new features that put it up against Telegram, here is how it will now



Privacy-centric cloud-based messaging app Signal has presented the thread view on Android which will allow you to see every one of the answers to a message in one place. However, like WhatsApp and Telegram, you can reply to individual messages on Signal, it could receive frustration as the messages and answers start piling up and the discussion becomes extreme to follow.

In the midst of a plethora of messaging platforms, Signal is one of the private and got communication apps. It upholds individual discussions, group chats, and calling. Signal presented two new capacities for Android clients on Thursday. These incorporate another release chat function and a discourse bubble icon in discussions.

Signal release chat is another feature that sits close to your discussions inside the app. Its essential use case is to bring every one of the most recent updates and changelogs of each and every version of the new app update — close to some new feature announcements. Signal tells the release chat would be on mute default for clients on Android phones.

Also, it depends on clients whether they might want to opt-in for notifications. For example, on the off chance that they are not concerned about each update or improvement that Signal carries out, they can keep it mute. Clients could block the app in the event that they mean not to see the release chat altogether.

In the event that that is not the situation, they can send ‘Hey’ to the release chat for all new updates with respect to the Signal app.

The new release chat isn’t new for messaging platforms. Signal’s competitor Telegram has had it for a long time now. Aside from the announcements and updates, this feature on Telegram likewise empowers getting a verification code, which typically appears while setting up the app on another gadget like a desktop or laptop, for example. In like manner, WhatsApp additionally utilizes its ‘Status’ feature to announce new features.

The release chat can be a seriously convenient feature for customers who typically wouldn’t check each app update depiction in the Google Play Store during its release. It is in every case great to see what a new changelog of an app update brings to the table.

The other nifty feature, the discourse bubble icon, is possibly used to check answers a specific message got right inside the discussion. Imagine you were having a movie night with friends/family in a group and needed to order pizza.

There normally would be a few choices from the individuals who might answer the message. Furthermore, it gets sort of difficult to track every one of the answers. It, in the end, could get lost in the event that other irrelevant messages come from the individuals.

That is where the new discourse bubble icon becomes possibly the most important factor, recommends Telegram in its Twitter post. On the off chance that you’re the individual who requested the pizza inclination, hitting the new bubble icon would open a thread full of replies you got. It makes it simpler to track them, as under-order toppings, for instance.

It’s in every case great to see new features coming to Signal, as it is one of the most mind-blowing messaging apps for Android. It’s a comprehensive app that offers privacy and isn’t owned by any enormous social media company. In this way, it guarantees no data is gathered from individuals who use it, and the most amazing aspect, it’s allowed to use with no subscription models.

In this way, to fix that, Signal’s most recent update accompanies an optional threaded discussion view. After the update, clients will see a new button close to a message that got different replies. Tapping the button will take you to a tidied-up view incorporating just the responses to that specific message. Until further notice, you will not have the option to add a reply to the thread and need to really go external the thread to send one more reply to the first message, something which could change with one more update from here on out.

Signal has recently done what other apps have presented previously. Apple, for example, brought a comparable feature of a devoted thread perspective to iMessage two years back.

Very much like Telegram, Signal has a new chatbot with its update. It will be a piece of the client’s visit list and inform them about the new features that get launched with each new update through muted notifications. In the event that you don’t need it, you have the choice to block it.

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