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Top Most Downloaded Mobile Apps in January 2021



Top Most Downloaded Mobile Apps in January 2021

Telegram messenger was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in January 2021, with 24% of the total downloads coming from India, as indicated by the most recent information from Sensor Tower. The messaging app was downloaded 63 million times a month ago (which implies India saw around 15 million new Telegram users in January, going by the percentage given), 3.8 times its downloads in January 2020.

The unexpected expansion in downloads could be ascribed to WhatsApp’s privacy policy controversy that started shock among its clients and pushed numerous to switch to Telegram. While TikTok arrived in a nearby second followed by Signal and Facebook, WhatsApp slid to the fifth position from its previous third place, in January.

In its most recent blog post titled ‘Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021 by Downloads’, Sensor Tower declared that Telegram bested TikTok and Signal to become the most downloaded app internationally in January this year. While the biggest installs were from India at 24%, Indonesia came in second with 10% of the total downloads.

The nations with the biggest number of TikTok installs were from Douyin in China at 17%, followed by the United States at 10%. Signal, Facebook, and WhatsApp balanced the top five most installed non-gaming apps worldwide for the month.

The report uncovered that TikTok, which is currently banned in India, is the second most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide with 62 million downloads. While the nations with the biggest number of TikTok installs were from Douyin in China at 17% of downloads, the US recorded 10% of the total downloads in January.

Famous apps like Signal, Facebook, and WhatsApp remained at third, fourth, and fifth places respectively in the “Top Apps Worldwide for January 2021 by Downloads” report.

Its defeat may have been Signal’s salvation: the app made #2 and #10 on the Play Store and App Store rankings in January 2021 (and #3 overall), despite not including at all in December 2020’s top 10 lists. Then, TikTok posted a healthy #2 ranking overall in SensorTower’s most recent report, with almost 62 million installs.

At long last, Zoom fell from its December 2020 #5 place to seventh most downloaded in January 2021. This may appear to be odd given progressing lockdowns in numerous nations around the world; on the other hand, it may recommend that numerous buyers and laborers as of now have the app on their phones.

Significantly, Telegram made a jump from the 9th position in December to the first position.

Then again, WhatsApp slipped from the third position regarding overall downloads to 5th place in January.

As it occurs, Telegram was in good company to make the most out of the controversial Privacy Policy change by WhatsApp. After Facebook-owned WhatsApp updated its terms of service client agreement looking for permission from clients to share their information to Facebook, numerous clients have moved to other messaging platforms.

Signal, the other popular arising messaging stage, also has encountered a gigantic lift in downloads. The app managed to capture the third position regarding overall downloads in January.

In Apple’s App Store, TikTok actually stays at the top followed by Youtube, Zoom, and Telegram at the fourth spot.

Then, “Meme stocks”, which surprised the financial world by storm in January, has encouraged Reddit mobile app to register its best-ever month of installs as it hit 6.6 million worldwide downloads.

Until this point in time, Reddit has about 122.5 million installs internationally from across the App Store and Google Play.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has rankled a considerable lot of their clients, and they are leaving in large numbers for other messaging platforms. The organization is confronting an enormous drop in its client base while at the same time organizations like Signal and Telegram’s downloads are through the roof over the most recent few months.

WhatsApp has made it obligatory for its clients to acknowledge new terms before they happen on February 8. The individuals who won’t acknowledge the updated privacy won’t utilize the app any longer.

After the clients got an in-app notification to acknowledge the new policy, they took to social media to share their interests and whine about the issue of data privacy. A few clients proposed that they were changing from WhatsApp to another platform, Telegram.

Telegram is viewed as a superior option by numerous when they think about the privacy and security of their online communication. The mobile app lovers shared tables and graphs to look at the two platforms also.

WhatsApp holds client data under the Automatically Collected Information header and further categorizes it into four sub-heads. These are Location Information, Device, and Connection Information, Usage and Log Information, and Cookies. It additionally holds data about calls, groups, status, and profile photo as well.

TikTok was the most downloaded app in December 2020, as per Sensor Tower, with Telegram not even in the top five list. The privacy policy controversy encompassing WhatsApp probably pushed clients to change to Telegram in January as WhatsApp slid from the third position in December 2020 to the 5th in January 2021. Signal and Facebook took the 3rd and 4th positions in January 2021, respectively, as indicated by Sensor Tower.

Instagram took the 6th position in the list of most downloaded non-gaming apps in January 2021, as per the report, followed by Zoom, MX Taka Tak, Snapchat, and Messenger. Sensor Tower says that its evaluations incorporate downloads for both the App Store and the Google Play store worldwide between January 1, 2021, and January 31, 2021.

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