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T-Mobile US is coming back with the Unlimited Google Photos storage



T Mobile US is coming back with the Unlimited Google Photos storage

Last year Google quit offering unlimited photo backup, which saved photos at a reduced quality, in the wake of ceasing the original quality storage that was accessible to Pixel purchasers. Presently there’s a method for getting it back, be that as it may, rather than being exclusive to Pixel owners, it may be accessible to T-Mobile subscribers in the US.

T-Mobile is presenting a new Google One membership option for its customers to refresh Google’s unlimited photo storage backup service… at a cost. For $15 per month, it incorporates 2TB of cloud storage, every one of the advantages of Google One membership, and unlimited original resolution photo and video backups to Google Photos.

The $15 a month plan will open up on April 26. It consolidates a 2 TB Google One subscription ($10/mo from Google, $100 for the year) with unlimited storage for photos and videos at full resolution.

Note that this only applies to the main account holder, intending that assuming you have a family plan, only one of you is getting unlimited storage. However, the 2 TB storage can be shared with up to 5 individuals.

Google Photos delivers one of the most amazing photo cloud storage services – ideal for clients who upload a great deal of high-res pictures. T-Mobile’s most recent Google One membership plan, which the mobile network provider says is launching soon, will likewise give clients 2TB of cloud storage across Gmail and Google Drive. This matches the current top-level Google One subscription package proposed to all Google account holders.

Whenever Google stopped its gravy train of free photo storage in 2021, a weary world murmured and searched for new storage options. Certainly, the included 15GB of free storage would be enough for some individuals, however, those of us who take a lot of photos and enjoyed the “set it and forget it” nature of unlimited Google Photos backup would have to make good for a paid Google One membership sooner or later.

This deal accompanies every one of the typical advantages of Google One, for example, the ability to back up your phone to the cloud, getting extended trials for Google services (YouTube Premium, Stadia, and so forth), a VPN service for Android and iOS and a few of different treats. These advantages can likewise be shared with up to 5 individuals.

Assuming you’re interested, you can look at more insights regarding the new plan over on On the off chance that you needn’t bother with that much storage (particularly for photos), T-Mobile additionally has an exclusive 500 GB One level for $5 per month. Google just offers three paid levels: 100 GB for $2/mo, 200 GB for $3/mo, and 2 TB for $10/mo.

Coincidentally, Google Fi subscribers don’t have access to such a deal, which recommends that T-Mobile is footing the bill for the additional storage.

Google One memberships start at $2 per month for 100GB of cloud storage and go up to $10 each month for 2TB (in addition to a few different advantages, similar to a VPN and 10 percent credit back on Google Store purchases). This new level – open just to T-Mobile customers – is the priciest yet, yet remembering unlimited Google Photos backups for its benefits’ is the one to focus on.

For many individuals, 2TB would most likely be a very sizable amount of photo storage in itself, however, you can share that 2TB cloud storage allotment with up to five others. The Google Photos benefit, notwithstanding, just applies to the T-Mobile account manager – not every person on your plan. The new storage plan will open up on Tuesday, April 26th.

Exclusive Offer For T-Mobile Customers

Standalone Google One memberships start at $1.99 each month for 100GB of cloud storage, while the 200GB plan accompanies a $2.99 price tag. Likewise, the organization offers a 2TB plan for $9.99 each month for individuals wanting more storage. The top-level plan additionally brings different advantages, for example, 10% back in Google Store credit on each buy, as well as a free VPN for Android and iOS. The $15 plan, which offers the unlimited photo and video storage option, is exclusive to T-Mobile subscribers.

While 2TB is all that anyone could need for most regular users, Google permits individuals to share their Google One memberships with up to five others. With up to six individuals sharing 2TB of storage, it could run out moderately soon, so the extra unlimited storage is gigantic addition. All things considered, the feature is simply accessible to the primary account holder, and that implies not every person sharing the Google One record will want to upload their full-resolution media on Google’s servers for $15 each month as part of T-Mobile’s latest plan.

The One membership

It wasn’t so much that long ago that Google Photos used to offer unlimited high-quality uploads – a guarantee it had kept since its revealing in 2015.

Anyway back in June 2021, the organization began limiting basic users to simply 15GB of free cloud storage across Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail.

In a move that reflects Apple’s own iCloud extended storage subscription options, media-heavy users hoping to grow or upgrade their cloud storage options should join the Google One subscription service.

Google One is charged as ‘one membership to get more out of Google’. The packages, which are accessible on a Basic, Standard, and Premium subscription tier, incorporate advantages like extended Google Drive cloud storage and a VPN for Android and iOS – which can all be shared with up to five loved ones.

Tracking down the right Google One plan

The freshest option expands on T-Mobile’s two existing Google One packages: $5 a month nets customers 500GB of storage, while a monthly fee of $10 delivers 2TB of cloud storage without unlimited Google Photos.

In any case, assuming it encourages you, note that T-Mobile’s unlimited photo and video storage plan is simply accessible to the main account holder.

T-Mobile’s unlimited Google Photos plan will be accessible from April 26, 2022.

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