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Two Separate Paths Led Gian Saunders, aka The Fierce Female Financier, and Brett Pipkin To Become Successful Business and Life Partners



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When Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin had their paths cross in San Diego, both had recently overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives. “I think we both got tired of doing what we were doing, and we were both really great at making other people, and other businesses, money,” Saunders shares. After their fateful meeting in Southern California, the couple founded their own financial firm, which focuses on spreading financial literacy to underserved communities, and are also in the middle of planning their wedding.

“We both know we’re doing this business to better each other, our home, and this world,” Saunders remarks. Being able to operate a successful firm as fiancées has been rewarding for the couple, allowing them to grow with each other in their professional and personal lives simultaneously. Combing their respective goals into one vision, Saunders and Pipkin have realigned their mission to build sustainable futures for communities that have never had opportunities for generational wealth.

“We preach having a healthy money relationship, most people don’t even have a relationship with their money, let alone a healthy one,” Saunders reveals. Using the knowledge of healthy relationships, they each learned in their lives how it correlates to finance. Saunders and Pipkin have created an approachable and informative education system for their clients that they are working to spread across the country and make last for generations.

Learn more about Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin, as well as their financial education mission, by following them on Instagram: @fierce_female_financier and @pipkinbrett

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