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Ways to enter the modeling profession and be modeled by Amir Zobdeh, a First Iranian Photo Model who has been active in this profession for more than a decade



Ways to enter the modeling profession and be modeled by Amir Zobdeh an First Iranian Photo Model who has been active in this profession for more than a decade.

If you are looking for high income, visibility, fame and success in the modeling profession, and you are looking for ways to enter and succeed in this attractive field, and every day you are attracted to see photos of models on city-level billboards and radio and television teasers in You are definitely advertising with the words modeling and modeling because modeling and modeling is one of the broadest topics in the field of advertising.

All over the world, modeling is such that designers and manufacturers and many other groups work together continuously to provide conditions for models to showcase their products. The modeling industry is a very complex and difficult profession that different people, especially young people, must have unique characteristics to enter this profession, such as creativity and innovation, perseverance and strong will, having a modeling science. , Self-confidence and ideal appearance, flexibility and readiness for lifestyle changes, interested in educational topics and learning the principles of modeling, benefiting from the appropriate height and weight, fitness and ….

It is true that these features are necessary to enter the world of modeling, but the important point is that anyone who has these features can become a model or not, the fact is that the person who has these features is part of the path And the main part of the route is related to modeling agencies. Modeling agencies are an integral part of the discussion of modeling and modeling because it is the modeling agencies that discover and direct the talents and abilities of young people in the field of modeling and provide the ground for people to become models. they do.

Amir Zobdeh an First Iranian Photo Model

Suitable height and weight for modeling

An important factor for entering the modeling and modeling industry is height and weight. The definition of height and weight criteria depends on modeling agencies and these criteria are different in each country and even in each modeling agency, but in general, the average height of people in each country is considered as the determining factor of this criterion and Cutting In a country where people are tall, models must be tall, and in countries where they are shorter, models can be shorter.

The point about height and weight is that the two are closely related. In this way, a person’s height can be a criterion for determining a person’s weight for modeling. For example, if you have a height of 180 cm, in order to be able to work as a model in the modeling industry, you must weigh at least 62 kg. It is true that proper height and weight is an important factor and an integral part of this profession, but it does not end there, because you can change the weight with exercise and diet and reach the ideal weight, even in terms of height. In the branch of photomodeling, height is not very important and most of the model’s face is considered, but in model walk coat, the priority is with the model’s height. There are many other factors that a person can have to become a successful model.

Among these factors, we can mention the uniqueness of the person, because there are many models who have come to the conclusion with their self-confidence that beautiful appearance and fitness are not everything, and modeling is not limited to these issues and what It is very important to attract the audience, the world of modeling these days has gone to the selection of models who have modeling science and have been trained and know the science of product promotion and clothing display well.

Now, this attraction of the audience can be through fitness and physical beauty, and it can also be through good communication and good gesture, arousing the emotions of the audience and accompanying them.

Hiring modeling

In addition to modeling, it can provide opportunities for young people to become famous, but it can also provide them with jobs and income. Among the fields in which a person can work as a model are radio and television teasers, clothing magazines, billboards, etc.

The point here is that you can not achieve significant success alone, if you are confident in your abilities, it is enough to go to a modeling agency to hire a model, because modeling agencies with knowledge and The knowledge they have will train you to become a successful model and nurture you in this direction.

You may say to yourself that modeling employment is available abroad and there is no chance to become a successful and prominent model in the country, but we must give you the good news that specialized and professional modeling agencies operate in the country. That you can refer to them with peace of mind and take steps towards success and achieving your goals.

The level of training in this modeling agency is so high that models not only in Iran but also internationally can compete with the models and supermodels.

Many of the people who are famous and well-known models today were once just ordinary people who, after visiting the modeling agency and discovering their talent and eliminating the weaknesses of the model by the modeling agency, managed to reach where they stand today and Become a successful models. For example, one of the most famous Iranian models was overweight in the early days of her work, and by working under the supervision of the Angels Modeling Agency and receiving a fitness modeling training program and a standard and professional diet, she was able to achieve her ideal body and weight. People know him and have a very high income.

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