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Why is Colon Day celebrated in Panama?



Why is Colon Day celebrated in Panama

Colon Day is the last day of three back-to-back public holidays in Panama on November 5th to commemorate the events of 1903, when the citizens of Colon deflected a walk on Panama City by the Colombian army. November is the most blissful month of the year in Panama since its first days open the Independence Month.

Colon Day History

Following the declaration of independence, the Colombians had requested their military to walk on Panama.

On 5 November 1903, local people in Colons managed to persuade the Colombian On 5 November 1903, the locals in Colons managed to convince the Colombian forces stationed in Colon not to advance on Panama City.
positioned in Colon not to progress on Panama City.

Without this activity, it is conceivable that the Colombians may have increased a military favorable position and suppressed the independence movement.

November in general is a sort of “independence month” in Panama. On 3 November, it’s Separation Day, remembering the partition from Colombia. On 5 November is Colón Day. On 10 November, the uprising against Spain by the town of Los Santos is recognized, while on 28 November, it is Panamanian Independence Day (from Spain).

There are a lot of explanations behind the celebration, including Colon Day, that every year falls on November 5.

The celebration of Colon Day is associated with the history of the independence of Panama from Colombia. The USA helped Panama in the partition from Colombia, yet the last would not like to perceive the independence of Panama. Formally Panama announced its independence on November 3, 1903, yet the fight didn’t stop. The government of Colombia ordered the Army to march on Panama City. On November 3, 1903, the Panamanians needed to remain their grounds in the city of Colon, which is a vital spot close to the Caribbean Sea.

The Panamanian authorities put forth a valiant effort to convince the Army of Colombia not to partake during the time spent separation of Panama from Colombia. The negotiations were successful and this day became a landmark in the history of Panama.

On 3 November 1903, Panama authoritatively pronounced its independence from Colombia. Colombia ordered soldiers to put down the defiance by attacking Panama and holding onto Panama City. In any case, Panama’s defense forces at the border in Colón persuaded the attacking army to “cancel the invasion”. This was a gigantic triumph for Panama while never firing a shot.

The celebration of Colon Day is likewise a Panamanian version of Columbus Day. Nonetheless, Columbus didn’t found the city, he just visited Navy Bay, encompassing the island where the city of Colon is found. The city was established because of the California gold rush, and the gold diggers named it Colon out of appreciation for Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón).

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