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World Milk Day 2020: Theme, History, and Significance of the day



World Milk Day

World Milk Day is celebrated every year on June 1. The international day was first started by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to feature the significance of milk as a global food. It’s been 20 years since the activity commenced and today, the whole world celebrates the day to mark the significance of milk intake in our diet. The day is planned to give a chance to bring attention to activities that are associated with the dairy sector.

World Milk Day 2020 Theme

This time, as the activity has finished 20 long years, the theme is just called ‘20th Anniversary of World Milk Day.’ The celebrations started on May 29 with a Dairy Rally. The Global Dairy Platform has been getting some information about the advantages of dairy and urges others to discuss the equivalent, alongside featuring the issues in getting to milk and dairy products in a few parts of the world.

World Milk Day: History and Significance

World Milk Day was set up to recognize and spread awareness of the significance of milk as it is an exceptionally nutritious global food item. The day is additionally seen to recommend the dairy sector. Since its foundation by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N., it has been effectively promoting the significance and benefits of milk and dairy products all around the globe. It additionally promotes the way that the dairy industry supports the livelihood of over a billion people.

World Milk Day was first celebrated on June 1, 2001. On the day, communities and associations talk about how one should join milk in their diets, because of its highly nutritious content. In 2018, as indicated by reports, more than 500 occasions were held in more than 70 nations to spread milk consumption awareness. Then again, there have additionally been discussions about how consuming milk is not a smart thought. This is because of the reasoning that state how milk-producing animals go through cruel treatments by people.

It has been said that the dairy industry likewise adds to the expansion in the greenhouse gas impact, which further harms the planet. This is on the grounds that cow milk requires more land and water use. A 2010 UN report discussed how cow milk requires more use of resources and causes more emission of gases than plant-based milk. India is the biggest producer of milk, as per reports. It is likewise the leading exporter of milk products like milk powder and paneer.

Till 2016, reports express that Russia and China were the biggest importers of milk until the became independent. Reports on the internet additionally recommend that Ireland, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Australia consume more milk than some other country. Yak milk and Buffalo milk have the highest measure of fat content.

World Milk Day 2020: Celebration

Considering the global pandemic of COVID-19, we urge coordinators to host online events or social media campaigns to keep the policies set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government. Thoughts go to all the individuals who are influenced by this virus.

In 2020, we are planning to break new records as far as outreach, participation, and promotion for the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day. Given worries over COVID-19, we don’t suggest holding face to face events, yet rather recommend concentrating efforts on social and traditional media endeavors.

To help make a positive stream of discussion, the 2020 celebrations will begin with the Enjoy Dairy Rally May 29 – 31, culminating with World Milk Day on Monday, June 1. The current year’s all-encompassing theme is the 20th Anniversary of World Milk Day. We urge you to discuss the benefits of dairy with respect to health and nutrition, affordability and availability, and the sector’s passion and commitment to taking care of our communities.


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