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Zeel Thacker: Executing Innovative Ideas In Digital Marketing



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Digital marketing is a field that demands innovation and variety to its approach at all times. Every single client and companies that approaches with plea and requests for social media and digital promotions wants their company to stand out at it’s best. Crative thinking and propr ideas are crucial to digital marketing.

Zeel Thacker, the young digital marketing consultant from Mumbai is all set to promote the same with his unique set of ideas and execution. The ideas does not just pop out from anywhere. For a 17- year old student like Zeel, coming up with ideas for big companies had not been easy. He had to rewrite, replan and spend hours looking up ideas online and customize it for the companies according to their needs.

He says, “This is not an easy job as it may seem to be. I requires a lot of sacrifice and determination to overcome your fears and to come out of your comfort zones. As I had just stepped into the field, I felt myself falling down at times due to the pressure. But giving up has never crossed my mind. It was hard. I had to learn how to tackle the tough, in the hard way.i did it.”

For being innovative, according to Zeel one should have a proper idea about what they’re dealing with. They must be quite sure about what the client needs from their promotions and how they want it to work. It requires a great deal of time, poring over the plans again and again to rewrite and modify it. Zeel had quite a tough time to reach a position where he could actually come up with plans that didn’t require modifications. It required indeed a lot of time to learn.

With his hardwork, he was able to work with many famous companies and entrepreneurs at such a young age. He has been giving technical support to well-known companies from different industries.
He, who is an expert in YouTube marketing,SEO building, online advertising through Google AdSense is a name that is indeed going to top all the major media sites in the coming years.

Through his constant effort and dedication, he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone. It doesn’t end there. He has earned about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone. Now he is currently working with teamwizardmedia as marketing management head.

He never fails to amaze people with the talent that’s no longer hidden under his passion and has been making quite a turnout by putting up the level and quality of content that he produces higher and higher day by day. He plans to move forward with more innovative ideas, aiming to revolutionize the world of digital marketing.


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