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Mathieu Tyler Jang remembers his mom telling him to watch “The Secret” and thinking it was stupid.



Mathieu Tyler Jang remembers his mom telling him to watch The Secret and thinking it was stupid.

As a troubled teenager with a lot of negativity, Jang had a hard time believing he could just “be positive” and all of his wildest dreams would come true. 

To be fair, he still doesn’t believe that. But looking back now as a serial entrepreneur and industry leader in the field of digital sales and marketing, Jang realizes what his mom was trying to say: that he needed to work on his mindset. 

“I still don’t think you can just think about being rich and you’ll end up rich. Imagining your ideal future and truly believing it’s possible is an important first step. But then you have to take consistent action. The consistent part is where your mindset comes in,” Jang says. 

Personal development, spiritual growth and mindset work have all been instrumental to Jang’s success in business. He says he needed to eliminate subconscious negative beliefs that he had about himself, beliefs that were limiting him from being the man he wanted to be. 

Jang says, “Research shows that all of our subconscious beliefs about ourselves are programmed by the time you’re eight years old. So just think about all the stuff that happened when you were a kid. Was it all great? Probably not. It wasn’t for me. So I really had to dig deep and release that stuff in order to find clarity in my business.”

It wasn’t until Jang learned to match a new mindset with a profitable, high-income skillset that his life began to change dramatically. He’s since generated over $100-million in online sales for his clients and he’s helped hundreds of others build successful internet-based businesses. 

“Funny enough, it all really did start with believing all of this was possible. Positive thinking isn’t everything you need. But it’s definitely step one.” 

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