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3 Thing That Can Go Wrong in a Divorce



3 Thing That Can Go Wrong in a Divorce

The logistics that revolve around getting a divorce can be plentiful, no matter how long you were married for. While you will be hoping that your divorce will go smoothly, there are a few things that you should be aware of that could go wrong during these intense legal processes. Being prepared for the worst can help you take this process in strides as you work together with your former spouse to finalize your divorce and settle upon a mutual agreement. This process can be smooth sailing for some couples and a bumpy road for others, so whatever the case may be for your unique situation, here are a few things that have the potential to go wrong on your journey towards getting a divorce.

Child Custody Disputes

It is no secret that some of the easier divorce processes are those that do not involve young children. While a divorce is still possible with children and can be met amicably between spouses, child custody agreements can tend to throw a wrench into the whole negotiations process. There are many factors that are considered when deciding who will be granted custody over your shared children, what visitation rights look like, and how much (if any) will be paid in child support from one spouse to another. Custody support Toledo, Ohio has the resources and legal aid that you might be in need of while going through any child custody disputes of your own. If you and your former spouse are unable to reach a child custody agreement amicably, then your case may need to be resolved by the court systems and take more time than you were originally intending. While this is an issue that can go wrong, be sure to plead your case to the judge, and they will help to determine what is in the best interest of your children and your family moving forward.

Splitting Property Fairly

Typically one of the first aspects of a divorce that is addressed between the previous couple is how their shared assets will be split up between them. The goal of this is that both parties get their equal share of assets and debt, and hopefully both parties come out satisfied with the agreements in the end. Negotiations can be made at this point so that both parties can be in agreement, but that is not always the way that these issues work out. Either on one side or the other, there may be difficulty in splitting the property fairly amongst you both. Whether because of revenge, stubbornness, or other extenuating factors, when one of the former couple lacks the cooperation of amicably deciding how to split up assets, it can turn into an even larger issue that takes a considerable amount of time.

Anger or Bullying

Not in all cases, but there are certainly some divorce cases that start and continue with anger and resentment throughout the entire proceedings. When there is anger, revenge, or bullying involved with negotiations surrounding your divorce, it makes it considerably more difficult to progress forward in order to get everything finalized. This is definitely a huge issue that can cause your divorce proceedings to go wrong, and it is important to watch your temper and take these issues to the court if necessary. Your lawyers and the judge will help to protect your rights and help ensure that these processes go as smoothly as they can. There are ways to resolve these issues so do not lose hope. Having an experienced legal team on your side can help your best interests and get you through your divorce.

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