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5 Low-Skill, High-Paying Jobs You Can Start in 2024



5 High Paying Low Skill Jobs You Can Start in 2024

A high-paying job with little specialized skill requirement seems more and more appealing in today’s fast-paced job market. A smart move for highly qualified and educated job seekers hoping to make $100,000 or more annually is to move into positions that pay well but don’t require a lot of qualification. The roles, expected salaries, and starting procedures of five high-paying low-skill jobs are examined in this article, which also offers information on how to apply. Published on April 24, 2024.

  1. Real Estate Agent

Property buyers, sellers, and renters are assisted by real estate agents. Though a license is required for the position, compared to other high-paying professions, entry barriers in terms of education and skill set are rather low.


Real estate agents typically make between $48,770 and $100,000 a year, although top agents can make over $100,000.

Example: In a thriving market, a successful real estate agent can profit handsomely from the sale of expensive real estate.

A high school diploma or its equivalent.
Completing real estate courses and passing a licensing exam.

Getting Started:

Enroll in a course leading to a real estate license.
Pass your state’s licensing examination.
To start developing your client base and gaining experience, sign up with a respectable real estate brokerage.

  1. Sales Agent

Salespeople offer goods and services to both customers and companies. Rather than specialized technical skills, this role usually requires strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships.


Sales representatives typically make $62,070 a year, with top earners taking home much more than $100,000.

Example: Based on sales performance, a sales representative in the technology industry can receive sizeable commissions and bonuses.


A high school diploma or its equivalent.
Training and sales experience obtained on the job.

Getting Started:

Apply to sales positions in industries of interest at the entry-level.
Gain strong product knowledge and sales skills via practice and training.
Create a network of customers and constantly meet or exceed sales targets.

  1. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are in great demand as e-commerce and on-demand delivery services grow in popularity. Although there aren’t many requirements for this position, it can pay well, especially with bonuses and incentives.


Delivery drivers typically make $37,050 a year on average, but those who work for Amazon or in major cities can earn over $100,000 with bonuses and overtime.

Example: By working extra hours and during busy times, a delivery driver for a large online retailer can increase their income.


A high school diploma or its equivalent.
A current driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Getting Started:

Apply to work as a delivery driver for respectable organizations.
Make sure your driver’s license is up to date and that you fulfill any other conditions set by the company.
Delivering exceptional customer service is the key to earning larger tips and bonuses.

  1. Construction Laborer

On construction sites, laborers carry out a variety of duties, from manual labor to supporting skilled craftsmen. Despite being physically taxing, this job frequently pays well and doesn’t require much formal education.


Workers in the construction industry typically make $37,520 per year, but skilled workers on major projects can make over $100,000.

Example: A construction worker in a city may get paid more for overtime and on high-profile projects.


A high school diploma or its equivalent.
On-the-job training.

Getting Started:

Seek for entry-level jobs in construction firms.
Acquire expertise and abilities while working.
Aim for certifications or apprenticeships to improve your earning potential and employment opportunities.

  1. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers provide clients with motivation and individualized training plans to help them reach their fitness objectives. This is a lucrative yet accessible job that only requires a certification rather than a college degree.


Personal trainers typically make between $40,510 and $100,000 a year, but top trainers with a loyal client base can make much more.

Example: A high-end gym or private practice where a personal trainer might attract in high-end clients.


A high school diploma or its equivalent.
Certification from a reputable fitness association.

Getting Started:

Get certified in personal training from a recognized institution.
Get experience by doing personal training for clients or working at a gym.
Create a strong client base by networking and using efficient marketing.

Maximizing Earnings in High-Paying Low-Skill Jobs

Adopting a strategic approach to increase your value and seize all available opportunities is necessary for optimizing your income in a low-skill job. To make a lasting impression, concentrate on giving extraordinary performances and constantly going above and above. Networking effectively can lead to referrals and higher-paying opportunities. Use any chances you have to increase your income, such as overtime, bonuses, or commissions. Even in positions requiring little skill, keep upping your game with available certifications and training courses; you may be able to advance and earn more money this way. Finally, think about expanding your revenue sources by doing freelance work in your free time or taking on more part-time jobs.

  1. Concentrate on a Niche:

To differentiate yourself and command higher fees, concentrate on a narrow subset of your industry.

Example: A personal trainer who specializes in high-performance athletes or a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes.

  1. Establish a Strong Network:

Referrals and high-paying opportunities can arise from networking.

Example: Sales representatives can network with possible partners and clients by going to industry events.

  1. Make Use of Technology

Make use of technology to increase productivity and reach new audiences.

Example: Personal trainers can provide virtual sessions to clients all over the world, and delivery drivers can use apps to determine the most efficient routes.

  1. Go for Further Certifications:

Gaining more certifications can improve your employability and skill set.

Example: A construction laborer may obtain safety certifications or a personal trainer may become certified in nutrition.

  1. Pay Attention to Customer Satisfaction:

Providing top-notch customer service can increase revenue and encourage repeat business.

Example: Real estate agents who go above and beyond for their clients can earn referrals and repeat business, and delivery drivers who make sure deliveries are made on time and politely can receive larger tips.

Get a High Paying Job with Few Skills

A high-paying job can be obtained in a number of industries with little specialized training, such as sales, real estate, delivery, construction, and personal training. You can increase your earning potential by focusing on customer satisfaction, leveraging technology, developing strong networks, and identifying profitable opportunities. These positions provide highly educated and skilled job seekers with the opportunity to make six figures while having the freedom and flexibility of self-employment or low entry requirements.

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