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A physical QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone Pro models is released by Clicks



A physical QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone Pro models is released by Clicks

For those who miss the tactile feel of real keyboards, the Clicks Creator Keyboard is an exciting new accessory available for the most recent iPhone Pro models. With this creative product from Clicks, iPhone users can have a full QWERTY keyboard as a phone case, reliving the nostalgic Blackberry era of typing on a real keyboard.

Keyboard Specifications for Clicks:

The Clicks Creator Keyboard is a stylish and precision-designed addition to modern smartphones that is meant to improve typing. Several iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, are compatible with it.

The keyboard has several outstanding features. Optimizing screen real estate frees users from the distraction of an on-screen keyboard so they can enjoy their apps and content. The tactile typing experience is very appealing because it produces the recognizable “clack-clack” sound with every keystroke, which many find more efficient and gratifying. The keyboard is a useful tool for daily use because it also makes voice input and iOS shortcuts easily accessible.

Its elegant unibody design fits snugly on the iPhone, and its precisely calibrated buttons allow for quick and accurate typing. To improve functionality, the layout has extra keys for voice commands and input.

Depending on the iPhone model, pass-through charging via USB-C or Lightning connections is supported, and it has a backlight for typing in low light. Moreover, it can be charged wirelessly, which increases convenience.

London Sky Grey and BumbleBee Yellow are the two color options for the keyboard in terms of style. Its construction incorporates materials that guarantee comfort and durability, such as plated nickel, liquid silicon, vegan leather, and polycarbonate.

For the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models, Clicks Keyboard is priced at $139; for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is $159. On February 1st, the iPhone 14 Pro units will start to ship.

The keyboard case may appear a little pricey. But this might be a wise purchase for those who have been pining for their smartphone to once again have a physical keyboard. It offers iPhone users a distinctive typing experience by fusing old-world charm with contemporary convenience.

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