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AALA Fabrics to provide round-the-clock customer support



AALA Fabrics to provide round the clock customer support

AALA is an online store and a legacy brand in India. Starting in 1957, it has been successful in leaving its mark in a highly competitive business world. A recent statement issued by Zeeshan Zafiri, who is leading the company, has informed us of another milestone achieved by it. It said the company is going to provide “24/7 customer support to its customers”.

“It is rare to find a company entirely customer-centric these days. There are names, slogans, and faces, but where is the customer? Customer support is a gold yard-stick used to measure a company’s true value, and we have remained true to our standards in our entire journey in this business,” remarked Zeeshan Zafiri.

The company has boosted its online presence in a short time. A well-designed website with a multitude of options is the best place to go for online fabrics. If you want to purchase fabrics in Mumbai, where the store is located, you can go to their shop and fetch fabrics with various custom options. The company also provides fabric dyeing services that can be accessed online through its website

Fabric dyeing service is a start-up as most people like fabrics tailored to their needs. This is how they can personalize their fabrics and stand out from the rest of the public. In a time when universality has been normalized, and diversity is just fading away, people should have an option to look like an individual. An individual is marked by his individuality, not by the generic items that most people adopt.

The key trait of this brand is that they fetch fabrics directly from the fabric manufacturers and not from the fabric retailers so that the money goes to the artisans instead of third-parties. It has a direct effect on prices that need to be kept as low as possible if you have to remain in the game for a long time.

“There is no fabric wholesaler that can compete or outrace us in terms of services, quality, and prices we provide,” Zeeshan Zafiri stated.

He is so right when he says either you can “play to win a game or play to remain in the game”, referring to the famous game-theory that deals with human interactions scientifically. After all, he is a university grad in business and knows things well.

To remain faithful to your customers, especially in an online business, it is necessary to provide 24/7 customer support. All the good companies ensure it and it has a good impact. If a brand is not providing good customer support, it is likely spam.

You can contact AALA on WhatsApp at +91 99208 02080 or

In a short time, a representative will be in touch with you.

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