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Harsh Garg: Digital Marketing, And The Skilled Strategic Performer



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Digital marketing is a field of career that is not only quite difficult to enhance but also requires a lot of performance based ideas. It gets more complicated as a person advances in the field of digital marketing and learns about the different aspects also known as variables. Apart from being technologically developed and established, having the motivation to continue the work is equally important. Harsh Garg ticks in all the above requirements and seems to be just perfect for the job. He is an established personality, a 21 year old young man from Punjab. He grew up with the dream of doing something great, doing things that he is passionate about instead of working aimlessly towards employment or a job. As bad as employment might sound, earning profits is not the sole thing that drives him. He is also driven by hard work and innovative ideas. Most importantly, skills and talents are some of the other things that this young man has besides his creative work ideas.

Harsh Garg Has studied a lot to become a digital marketer, not just a normal one, but a skilled professional in the field. This is the reason why he had to pay a great deal of attention to his academics also while he was growing up. He opted to study along with science and has graduated with Computer applications as his main area of majoring. This would surely help him in the future making him technically an expert. He has managed to practise more over software, polishing his technological skills which are required, through some projects related to digital marketing. His habit of learning more on a daily basis has also helped him, allowing him to expand his areas of learning, discovering more about the trends everyday and retouching up with the previous knowledge at the same time. Simultaneously doing both of these are going to perfect him in entrepreneurship also. Most of his basis is consumer satisfaction, complying with the projects that he has taken up and acting responsibly according to the requirement.

The lockdown period has been very difficult for a lot of people but the development of digital media has been very prominent. Harsh Garg too decided work efficiently even during the pandemic, proving to be a role model for other inspiring future entrepreneurs. After all, a young man like him is bound to grow up and become an established personality whom millions can look up to.

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