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Amaka Does Interview with Views from the Arch TV show




Views from the Arch TV Show interview Amaka The Igbo Princess February 2022. The interview followed no particular guidelines and covered topics of spirituality, growing up in Saint Louis and the Illuminati.

Interviewer: Good morning Amaka how are you doing today.

Amaka: I am well today thank you so much for asking thank you so much for having me. I’m super psyched to be here.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful so tell me Amaka where exactly are you from? I know you live in Los Angeles right now but where were you born and raised?

Amaka: Well I was born and raised right here in St. Louis Missouri of course. I love my hometown and it’s just so exciting to be back home.

Interviewer: Ok because people refer to you as an Igbo princess like an African queen or something so I wasn’t sure if you were born in Africa and raised in St. Louis. What’s your African connection exactly.

Amaka: I was born and raised in America but I have Igbo heritage that I love to embrace.

Interviewer: Now, what’s Igbo?

Amaka: It is a tribe based out of Nigeria. It’s a culture and language. Most black Americans probably have some Igbo heritage.

Interviewer: Ok that’s cool and I hear you speak a little Igbo too. Let me hear you say something in the Igbo language.

Amaka: Ifunanya

Interviewer: Which means?

Amaka: When learning a new language you have to learn how to say love first.

Interviewer: I agree with this. So Amaka tell me what was it like growing up in St. Louis and how did you manage to escape some of the stereotypical things that occur to people here?

Amaka: Growing up in St. Louis was really fun and I have a lot of family here and they’ve always supported me throughout my entire life. It was always fun playing with my cousins and stuff like that but also the Saint Louis culture can be kind of rough and that definitely made me strong. Early on as a child I realized that a lot of the negatives that come with the city was something I did not want to be apart of so I was able to make the differentiation as a child regarding what I wanted and what I didn’t want and having an understanding of what you want what you don’t want can help take you down the right path so I think that’s how I was able to escape some of the stereotypical things that occur to people here.

Interviewer: Real facts spoken right there. So I listened to some of your music and I’m surprised it was actually really really good I really really like the “Love U” track and the “One Time” hits. Do you write the lyrics to your songs?

Amaka: Hahaha, yes, I definitely write the lyrics to all my songs. All my songs are written with passion and they come from my heart.

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