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Aman Rathee: Biggest Car Influencer in India With a Passion



110 05 2021 3

The automobile world has never failed to attract young audiences. The thrill that luxury and sports cars bring with them is close to phenomenal and people who share these interests want to get regular glimpses and sneak peaks of this fascinating world of automobiles.

Aman Rathee is an exceedingly popular and innovative car influencer and enthusiast who set his foot in the car community of the country with the intention of delivering quality driven content to the audience. Aman Rathee belongs to the city of Panchkula in Haryana and has a privileged and respected family background. His father has strong connections in the business and political realms of India.

Aman Rathee owns numerous sports and super luxury cars and leads a very stylish life.

Owing to his father’s interest in luxury cars and vehicles, Aman’s enthusiasm for cars developed at an extremely early age. Eventually, through an amazing skill set and a lot of courage, he renovated his passion into a full time career on social media. Aman Rathee’s Instagram handle (@amanrathee10) contains a lot of artistically and specially curated car pictures, videos, vlogs, stories and highlights that are intended to give his audience a virtual taste of his life around cars.  Currently, Aman Rathee has a fan following of over twenty two thousand people across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

To drive the point home, Aman Rathee is one very talented car enthusiast and influencer who has been constantly adding value to the car community of the country by putting out regular content that is nothing short of excellent.

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